Ray Allen returns to Boston

Ray Allen in a Miami uniform. Yea, I still don't like it either.

Ray Allen makes his return to Boston this afternoon after taking his talents to South Beach in the offseason.

Allen was a great player for Boston. The Hall of Famer hit so many big shots and took over the closing role from Paul Pierce. Allen was a key piece of the Celtics winning the title in 2008 and set the all-time three-point record in Green.

Danny Ainge tried to replace Allen with Jason Terry when it became obvious Allen didn’t want to stick around. We all know how that’s worked so far for the Celtics.

Mitch Lawrence with the New York Daily News had this take:

The Celtics have given video tributes to the likes of Eddie House and Big Baby Davis when they returned with their new teams, so of course they will honor Ray Allen on Sunday when he comes back to TD Garden for the first time as a member of the Miami Heat. There will be a lot of smiling through gritted teeth on both sides. The Celtics were not happy that Allen defected to the rival Heat last summer as a free agent, while by the end of his time in Boston, Allen told close allies that he felt he ran fourth on Doc Rivers’ list of favorites, after Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo.

Allen deserves applause for what he’s done for Boston, but any boos will be totally justified as well. He wasn't happy because he went from third to fourth on “Doc’s best friends” list? Shouldn't he be happy Rondo emerged as an all-star caliber player and teammate?

He turned down more money from the Celtics this year to go play for Miami. That is rare in the NBA, so Allen had to be really unhappy. Sure, he lost his starting job to Avery Bradley, but he isn't starting for the Heat either.

Losing a beloved player who still has game left hurts and when they go to a rival it’s just salt in the wound. But from a completely neutral point of view, if he HAD to leave then going to play for the defending champs and the best player in the world isn't the worst choice for him.

Now there’s been some talk Allen could retire at the end of the year. Guess he really didn't want to finish his career out with the Celtics and for whatever reason that may be or whoever is at fault, it’s still a shame.

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