Karl on the Kayak returns tomorrow

The forecast in DC calls for temperatures in the low 60's tomorrow which means I am required under my Potomac River contract to go kayaking. I am dragging my friend Dan out to film me answer readers questions while awesome music plays in the background. For those of you who haven't seen this segment, you will either love it or hate it but I guarantee you'll have an opinion either way

Here is where you come in. Email me questions on anything(PG rated since my Mom reads this) and I'll answer it unscripted.  Is this weird and kind of stupid? Of course it is, but I work hard during the week and love to have a little fun in my life.

Leave your questions in the comment section along with your first name if you want a Shout out.  Also, you can recommend music, but ultimately I'll probably choose some Phil Collins song. Hope to hear from you!