Green Envy: What Pacers fans said

It feels good to do a Green Envy post, it has been a while. What feels better is the defensive will the Celtics showed tonight, and scoring 94 points against a defensive team was no less important. Well, of course you would expect Pacers fans to be angry. They were not the most sulky fans, their feet are on earth., and they mostly complained about their own players. There was a lot of whining about the refs (to be fair, some of that was legit), no one except for a couple thought it'd be easy despite Celtics' losing streak, oh and they definitely hate Sullinger, shockingly more than they hate KG. Enjoy!

Top three comments:
Hey at least the defense is dominating the game from both teams! No points allowed in the first half an hour!!!!

Wish Frank said "Ball don't lie" after Pierce missed that FT.

The Pacers finally got physical when the game ended with all the hugging of the team that just kicked their asses.

The voice of reason: "Don't know how anyone could watch this game and not come to the conclusion that Celts did not defensively and on the board completely control this game from a physicality and toughness standpoint. When we came out for 2nd half still in striking distance despite horrendous 2nd quarter, they obviously just broke our will. I think our incredible sloppy play in the 2nd half was significantly impacted by their aggressive tone mentally and physically than us just playing badly."

The Nostradami: "Tyler is just the ultimate agitator." and "Hansbrough may start a fight in this one"

The play of the night: Nobody wants to play . . . I mean EVERYBODY wants to smack Tyler Hansbrough.

The hopeless optimist: Still over a quarter to play. Can we put together 14 minutes of inspired play to give ourselves a chance?

The 'joke is on you' guy: "- How could I forget, Peter Griffin is calling this game!!
- I know, I know, but it will be good fun when he starts crying about the refs when they're down 20 and not give any props to us!"

Full slate:
PG's bout to add Paul Pierce to the chain gang. clank clank

[Confused fan who thought the game was at 7] Oh so I am watching these girl surfers for no good reason. Well, most of them are hot so I'll keep watching as I wait.

These refs are absolute GARBAGE

Kevin Garnett really gets on my nerves with his attitude. I know alot of people respect it, but it annoys the **** out o me.

There's Hansbrough getting an elbow from Sullinger. Haha that dude has to be the most hated player in the league.

-Eh, I don't like the fact that we're shooting so many concecutive 3s.
-I don't like the fact that we are missing everything we shoot.

** THIS SHEET!! The Celtics are sooo fake! *** the FUKING celtics.

-SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? Im done with it for the night.
-You will return ;)

Why does it feel like we are a lot better, but down 8? I know, we're not making anything.. but please show some consistency refs!

Our stellar passing is on display for all to see. A little pressure defense and we just wilt.

George Hill please get well soon!

Doc with a nice coaching move. Putting Avery Bradley on Augustin to terrorize him into turnovers and crappy passes. It's working. Then again, Yi Jianlian's chair could guard the Pacers right now and they couldn't score.

Wow. Rim mics just caught a very audible "F'ing b*tch!"

Amazing how much Garnet gets away with on defense. Clutching, grabbing, bumping. I mean he might play some of the most physical defense of all the bigs in the NBA.

You can play hard and lose or you can look like you just don't give a ****.

Garnett is killing us on the perimeter.

This is about as frustrating as it gets.

every mistake the pacers make... heinson credits it to the celtics in someway

This team is retarded

That may very well be the sloppiest 3 minutes of basketball I've ever seen in my life. Literally. Let's go boys, we can beat these

This is brutally bad basketball. What the hell is wrong with us.

what is that like 4 ****ed up fast breaks in a row let's just chalk this one up in the L column and try to voice back against the bucks

This is like taking candy from a baby.

Let me know how the 4th quarter goes, I have better things to do.

Somebody box out Sullingers fat ***, please.

-Gerald green can dunk... and thats about it.
-Don't forget, he can hoist 3's !!!

I'm feeling a comeback

Already not liking Sullinger.

-Hansbrough may start a fight in this one
-Well, if it happens, might as well jack Sullinger's dirty fat ***.

Cs putting on a clinic. Pacers mental midgets tonight.

Our starters are playing like poop. They are the ones that are losing us the game.

Sullinger throwing his elbows around again. Dude is a freaking thug.

I miss Dale Davis.

If we played like we played against Memphis we would beat them. We had the same injury problems then.

-I'm still missing Barbosa.
-No bringing Barbosa back was a big mistake.

Dammit Miami, would you defend your home court please?