Celtics continue losing streak as they fall to the Cavaliers 90-95

One sentence summary: We've lost yet another game that we didn't deserve to win at all.

The first quarter was a "battle of the point guards" that resulted in a uncharacteristic high pace and scoring (Irving would end the game with 40 points, 19 of which came in this period). After that, the Celtics decided to turn on the defense and crash the boards - the Cs would end the game +9 in rebounds column - an effort led by Jared Sullinger that put the Celtics in front. The game was more or less going in the Celtics' way until they decided to make bad passes and take bad shots, which made it a close one by the end of the third. Our lack of composure was quite visible in the last minutes of a fourth quarter that went back and forth, and the inexperienced Cavaliers looked way better as they made the Celtics a team with a losing record yet again.

The best player in the game was Jared Sulliger by far. He had a double double (12 points and 10 rebounds) and blocked a shot. The other members of the frontcourt, KG (16 & 7) and Bass (8 & 6), had a good game as well. On the other hand, Rondo had 17 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists, but the reason he won't make the headlines (well, at least of this post) is the 5 TOs he committed, of which two came at really crucial times. Pierce's shooting woes continued (3-15 FG), and his 7 rebounds and 6 assists were offset by 4 TOs as well. Jason Terry only attempted 4 shots which cannot make him the volume scorer he is supposed to be.

Have the Celtics played better? Well, a bit, yet this team still resembles the one we saw in the beginning of the season. They play well for certain stretches and then just want the easy way out. That's simply not going to happen this year. It didn't look like Doc's semi-threat worked.

Another noteworthy move was Doc's decision to play small ball again to match the Cavaliers' youth and athleticism. It passed the eye test this time, but looking at advanced stats should present a better picture.

Well, there isn't much more to say. Let's hope that the team will find the fire they need on Thursday against the rival Knicks. Otherwise it is going to be an ugly one.