Carmelo Anthony says playing in Boston Thursday will be fun

Celtics-Knicks round two goes down tomorrow night.
The New York Knicks come to town Thursday, and the question everybody will be asking is whether or not the feud between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett lives on.  According to Anthony it's not something he's thinking about; here's some quotes from Carmelo in today's New York Post:

We want to win. Do we owe them? Yes, they came here and beat us. We want to go there and return the favor on their court. We can’t get that game back. It will be fun. It will be a hostile environment. I’m expecting that. It’ll be a fun game. Knowing what’s at stake, us playing Boston.

And it regards to the "Honey Nut Cheerios" incident?

As far as anything being left over, it’s a new game. Oh yeah. Honestly, it’s not even on my mind right now. It hasn’t been on my mind since that day.

I find it hard to believe that's the truth, but it's definitely the right thing for him to say.  Hopefully a visit from Carmelo and the Knicks will be just what's needed to bring back the good Celtics.

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