Carmelo Anthony has no problem with Dolan "protecting" him by recording trash talk

Carmelo Anthony has shown, yet again, just how much of a "tough guy" he really is.

In a recent article on ESPN New York, Carmelo Anthony said he had no problem with Knicks owner James Dolan recording conversations 'Melo had with players on the court to see if the trash talk crossed the line.

I got an owner that looks out for me. You can't beat that for an owner to try to protect their players, to protect his players. It just shows how much loyalty Mr. Dolan has.

It also shows just how much of a Grade-A softie 'Melo is. You're happy the owner is recording what players say to you? Why? Because you can't take care of it yourself on the court so you need your owner and the league to deal with it?

I know 'Melo can't come out and blast his owner and say it's a dumb idea to record the games like that, but how about not talking about it at all. Just say you have no idea and move on.

This is just the latest example of why 'Melo won't win a championship (besides being in LeBron's draft class). He has a complete lack of mental toughness. He's shown it in Denver, last year when things started to go sideways in NYC and this latest incident of going berserk and waiting for Kevin Garnett at the team bus because big bad KG said some mean things to him.

Want to beat the Knicks? Just rattle 'Melo. Be careful what you say though, someone may be listening...

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