What Celtics fans want for Christmas

With the Celtics hovering around .500 this holiday season, fans will have plenty of wants.

There are the obvious ones: Wins, Avery Bradley back on the court and in a recent Bleacher Report article, Paul Pierce said he wants a championship for Christmas.

The Celtics haven't been very "good" this year, so Santa probably isn't leaving a ring under the tree.

Here's a list of items Celtics fans may want in their stocking Christmas morning.

A LeBron James stress ball: Whenever the Celtics lose four straight or get blown out by the Detroit Pistons you can relieve your frustrations by repeatedly crushing the head of "The King." (see also: a book on meditation by Phil Jackson)

Highlights of the Lakers 2012 season: If you need to be reminded it can always get worse, or just need a laugh.

A Jeff Green voodoo doll: Every time Green fails to fight for a rebound or takes a horrible shot you'll have a nice pin waiting to get his attention. If sitting out a year with a heart condition that threatened his career, let alone his life, isn't enough motivation for Green then there aren't many other options.

The DVD set of the 2008 playoffs: Aahh memories.

A membership to the Pie of the Month Club: Unlike a certain team in green, you'll know month in and month out you'll be getting something good.

A calender counting down to February 21: The trade deadline is only two months away.

A Celtics pen and paper: To keep track of how many minutes Kevin Garnett and Pierce have to play to stay competitive.

What do you want to see in your shamrock stocking this year?