Jason Terry takes shot at LeBron James, and Ray Allen?

While discussing Paul Pierce's 40 point night in a post game interview, Jason Terry praised the Captain for staying in Boston his whole career.  Terry also used it as an opportunity to take a quick jab at LeBron James, and possibly Ray Allen, according to CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely.  Here's the quote:
His willingness to stick through the tough times and not just jump off, 'I'm out of here! I'm going to join forces with Kobe,' or 'I'm going to play with Dwyane Wade.' That's a shot right there.

The complete interview is included in the clip below, and the above quote comes soon after the :30 second mark.  Notice the quick little wink at the camera after he mentions Wade.

Video from WEEI's Green Street

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