Celtics fall to #13 in ESPN power rankings

Todd Day wore #13 from 1995-97
Boston checks in at #13 in the latest edition of Marc Stein's NBA power rankings, down three spots from #10 last week.  It seems about right for a 9-8 squad, but I have a gripe with the positions of two teams in front of the Celtics:

The 8-8 Bucks are #8 (although they were still 8-7 when the rankings were published), and they just beat the C's by 3, at home, on a last second shot, with Boston missing it's best player.  That should not translate into being ranked 5 spots ahead of the Celtics.

And right on top of Boston at #12 are the 8-9 Lakers.  L.A. is coming off a home loss to Orlando (6-10, #20 in the rankings) in which they surrendered 40 points in the 4th quarter, and started a guy at point guard named Darius Morris (the 41st pick in the 2nd round of last year's draft, with exactly 34 games of NBA experience in his career).  The Lakers appear to be struggling significantly more than Boston right now.

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