Celtics "wary" of adding Kenyon Martin due to attitude issues

We recently heard that Boston Celtics veterans were pushing the team to sign Kenyon Martin to add some toughness and rebounding to the struggling roster. It appears that the Celtics aren't 100% sure they want to add Kenyon Martin's baggage to a locker room that is lead by two headstrong guys already in Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett.
The Celtics are going to be patient filling their roster because there is not a plethora of quality big men on the market to help immediately with rebounding. They are wary of the attitude and disposition of Kenyon Martin, who was not asked back to the Clippers because of his unhappiness with coach Vinny Del Negro. They may wait to see who’s available as of Jan. 5, when contracts become fully guaranteed for the season.

For his part Martin has said he wouldn't complain about playing time, but unemployed people sometimes say one thing before getting offered a job and do another while having it. Martin would be another power forward on a team that starts one at center (KG) and already has Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger, Chris Wilcox, and Jeff Green playing the position. But he is an enforcer and can still rebound and considering the Celtics are worst in the league on the boards, they could do worse. I pretty much trust Doc and Danny on this call. They've done a solid job of ridding the locker room of the knuckleheads and clowns, so if they think the chemistry harm of adding Martin would outweigh the on the court positives than I won't blame them for passing on K-Mart.

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