Terry compares Bradley to "The Glove" Gary Payton

In a Boston Herald article this morning by Mark Murphy, Jason Terry talks of his long standing relationship with Avery Bradley.  As a high school sophomore, Bradley was a member of an AAU team in Tacoma, Washington that was founded by Terry's father.  Terry recalls playing in a pickup game with the young Bradley:

Is Avery Bradley "The Glove 2.0?"
We were in a 5-on-5 scrimmage, and he was holding his own. He was competitive. He was guarding me and a couple of other pro guys — Jamal Crawford was one of them — and you knew right then that this kid had a competitive fire. And at this point, he wasn’t a top college prospect. He was just a young high school kid.

Terry also discussed last January 11th, when his Dallas Mavericks visited the Garden:

If it wasn’t me, it was (Mavericks teammate) Jason Kidd, and (Bradley) would literally pick us up full court. One time I asked him in the middle of the game, ‘Come on, young fella, you’ve got to back up a little bit,’ and he said, ‘Man, this is the only way I can stay on the court.'

Bradley responded:

I didn’t know this because I was so into the game, but (Terry and Kidd) didn’t want to bring the ball up the court. They had Dirk (Nowitzki) bringing the ball up the court.

Which led to this comment from Terry:

I compare Avery to Gary Payton, the way he gets up into you and gets under you. He wouldn’t let you get an inch.

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