Rajon Rondo's quest for leadership

I liken Rondo to a good martini that is shaken not stirred, so as not to bruise its delicate chemistry. The past few years have seen Boston continually shuffle his supporting cast. It began with the loss of Perk.  It took Rondo quite awhile to get himself out of that funk in. This year it was the loss of his former shooting guard, his bail-out brother. A sure shot.

Now he finds himself with Jason Terry who hasn't quite found his comfort zone in Doc Rivers' offense. You can see that he and Terry are still working on the trust factor. He also  has to teach more on and off the court.  He can be seen teaching Sully the gospel on Rondo's rules when bending  the basketball. You see it in the way he tells the JET what to do when he approaches a flair screen on a certain angle. He has become more teacher than maestro and is now realizing the enormity of what he has taken on.

Last night Rondo took another step in his maturation, by being aggressive with the ball instead of being satisfied with his usual double-double.

Boston needs Rondo to impose his will a little bit more and spend more at KG's table of  intensity as the season goes on.  It took OT for the C's to get their second win, but Rondo has to find a way to get a whole lot more from his younger teammates and himself.