Comments from the other side - Wizards 11/7

As the season heats up, the comments are going to get better. Today's were much better than the previous game. It's always interesting to see which players other fan bases hate the most. In Washington, it seems to be KG. Some fun stuff today. Enjoy!

I want to see Beal chug a Monster energy drink, hop off the bench fired up ready to rip Rondo's head off, and start stoppin and poppin

I can't stand Ariza. I really can't. Everything about him angers me. He seems like a drain on our team.

I predict another loss...but not a blowout. Boston isn't THAT great so far this year

Was supposed to go tonight, couldn’t make it. Gave my tix to two fellow Wiz fans from my building. Hopefully that good karma translates to a W for us.

2 wizards fans in a single building has to violate the fire code

Doc Rivers is so likable But I hate the Celtics so much. Getting Jason Terry doesn’t help.

I aint even concerned with Terry He looked god awful last game

Two Wizards go for the rebound And KG gets it.

I wish Price punched Rondo right there for that dribble he jus did

Boston just looks like they're toying with us until they finally want to win and then inevitably turn it on.

Watching it online so I'm stuck listening to Tommy Heinsohn's biased commentary. Must admit though, he's praising Seraphin and Vesely every chance he gets.

Seraphin is eating Garnett's lunch on the offensive side.

That's Crawford's BBIQ in a nutshell. Sure; why not try a drop step layup over KG?

This stadium is dead

Boston=hockey town Unless it’s playoff time.

Bigs being outrebounded by a single player again KG 10 rebounds in nine minutes.

I wish Sullinger somehow fell to our 2nd round pick He will be a decent pro.

Rondo has really improved his J...Wall take note!

Boston commentators like vesely

He is pale, nudge nudge wink wink

How does garnett already have 10 rebounds??

Crawford has all star talent, but dleague brain.

Our bench is SO much better

I don't think the casual Celtics fans were expecting this kind of game vs us

Refs really don't like Crawford

Can anyone dissect as to why the Celtics have played so poorly to start the year?

Uhhh, they aren't very good No real offensive threats, lacking athleticism with a weak bench

No Allen, lots of new guys, I.e. Lee,Terry,Green,Melo,Sullinger,Barbosa

Not to mention the aging Pierce and Garnett

That all reeks of mediocre

If I remember correctly... A lot of people wanted that type of ‘mediocre’ during the offseason.

I'd still take Courtney Lee if we could


What is going on?? Refs actually calling moving screens on Garnett??

KG is a punk!

Celtics fans realize they aren't at the library

Is Boston that bad or are we actually decent this year?

Does Boston not have a backup pg? Seems like Rondo's been in forever

KG with the bulls**t elbow in the back of singleton on the way down the court KG is such a punk

Anyone else see it? KG was crying for a foul when singleton put him under the basket, so he did something dirty

Cannot describe how much I hate KG

Why must Rondo hit 3's like this

Nice attempted flop Pierce

Pierce flops less effective with each passing day

I think I dislike Garnett more than LeBron..

Do the refs ever call an over the back on the Celtics?

When did Rondo's j become money...

Take that KG! In yo old wrinkled face!

Rondo looks like he may be able to shoot now Look out league

That's the shot they get? Garnett, Terry, and Pierce and Rondo takes a fall back three? Terrible decision.

Wtf is Doc thinking Does he not know Paul Pierce is the ult closer

I think that was a Ronda freelance.

KG has to be the biggest trash talker in the league

Coming up small with the game on the line

The Celtics have a way of making other teams do that

Beal Is he really going to wait around to apologize to Garnett? And … he is.

Never ever apologize to Garnett Just accept thanks from the rest of the league for whatever you did to him

Getting mauled by the C's all game long, not a single damn call all night

Wiz gave it their best shot without Wall and Nene. Boston must not be very good.

Doc talking to Beal

I'd kill to have Doc as our coach

i am tired of rondo and KG and pierce getting away with so many fouls. At home Celtics are allowed to play a kind of defense that the other team is not.

Boston has looked terrible so-far, that 8th seed slot is pretty open so-far.

Boston is soooo overrated. They barely beat the Wiz in back to backs. Their core is old and really unathletic. Their role players aren't that good; I.e. Green, lee, barbosa, sullinger. They are absolutely no threat to the heat.