Kevin Garnett on consistency: Celtics are either "hard as sh#t to beat" or "trash"

In Kevin Garnett's post-practice interview today, he addressed the Celtics' consistency issues from the first few games of the season.

From WEEI's Ben Rohrbach:

The Boston Celtics hosted their first open practice of the regular season in Waltham on Tuesday, and Kevin Garnett sent a clear message to his new teammates: Buy into the Celtics system of practicing how you play, knowing your role, being unselfish and doing it all with a level of consistency.

"While I'm here, we're not going to change that culture," said Kevin Garnett. "When I'm gone, that's another story, but for right now, this is the way we are. In the last two days, we've been playing with an edge, and it's just about consistency... I've always worried about the consistency of this team and where we are with some of our habits. When we stay with those consistencies, we're hard as shit to beat. When we get away from them, we're trash. It's as simple as that."

In practice, Garnett could be seen talking trash to a medicine ball he was throwing against a padded wall or holding a conversation with himself, pointing to his temple and smacking his head as punishment for a missed practice shot. Whatever he was doing, he did it at full speed.

One reason why the Celtics are "hard as sh#t" to beat is KG's heat vision.
From Uncyclopedia - read it if you want a good laugh
While everyone has been discussing the torch being passed to Rajon Rondo this year in terms of leadership, KG's verbal cues and role as the anchor on defense have been an integral part of the Celtics' success in the past few years. You can always hear Garnett screaming when he is on the court, talking to his teammates on the bench, or you can find him taking newcomers aside after practice and getting them familiarized with the Celtics system.

From the interview above, you can tell that inconsistency is a big concern for Garnett, and as long as he is with the team, KG has taken it upon himself to really make sure that everyone understands the team aspect of Celtics basketball. I trust in KG to help the team sort out the inconsistencies that have been plaguing the team the first few games, and let's hope the next few games we see the Celtics team show up that are "hard as sh#t to beat" as opposed to "trash."