Atleast, the Boston Celtics aren't as bad as the Los Angeles Lakers

Praise Jesus he is not our coach.

Yes, we only have one win and barely beat the lowly Wizards. Yes, our offense doesn't have a flow at times. Yes, we have 9 new players learning a system. Yes, we only have 3 players since our championship team. Yes, our highly anticipated bench has not played as great as we expected. All that said though, I am so happy I am not the Los Angeles Lakers.

I was in L.A. last week to visit family, personal reasons, and while I was there i went to a local BJ's Restaurant opening night. Man, after the Lakers lost, people were already wanting to trade back for Bynum. Fans in L.A. think Steve Nash is washed up and Mike Brown needs to get fired so the Lakers need to bring back Phil Jackson. It is sickening how the fans there are so impatient and don't understand the team game. They are spoiled to have a good team year in and and year out, and still they don't appreciate it. Great players actually want to go to L.A., soak up the sun, party, become a Hollywood star, while the Boston Celtics get quality players that fit the system.

I am just saying, yes Boston Celtic fans, we got off to a rocky start, but things can be worse, we could be Laker fans.

PS. the Lakers are 1-3, I hope they finish the sesaon 41-41, Dwight Howard leaves them and signs with the Rockets (Harden, Lin, Howard, yes 1986 finals rematch). Steve Nash retires from a bum knee and Pau Gasol gets traded for nuthin. Woo! Can't wait.

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