Keith Bogans clothelines Leandro Barbosa, flagrant foul reversed?

Honestly, if this kind of thing was always OK in the NBA, I'd be perfectly fine with that. After all, I was OK with Rondo's half-hearted clothesline of Wade (the above is obviously worse and way more obvous). However, Rondo's was called a flagrant, the above was reversed. It's that inconsistency that bugs the hell out of me.

The Nets game was reffed inconsistently enough, but when the league itself can't decide on the proper definition of what is allowed in a game, it's just ridiculous.

I wish the NBA was more of an aggressive and physical sport, but it's not. I could accept that if it was always the case, but it's not. It seems like referees get to pick and choose way too much.

I'm not sure what the solution is, but it still pisses me off.