Family reunion time at the Garden

Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time for  the Celtics to welcome their former teammate and brother Kendrick Perkins back to Boston. Perkins' wife Vanity posted these awesome shots on twitter last night. Above we see Perkins and his son with Pierce and his two daughters.

Not sure I've ever seen KG smile so big. Here he poses with Perkins' wife and son.

 Here's Perkins' son with his godfather, Rajon Rondo. You knew best friends Rajon and Kendrick were going to spend Thanksgiving together.

One thing a lot of people forget with professional athletes is that their people too. They have friendships and feelings. The 2010 trade of Kendrick Perkins devastated this close knit group of brothers and it wasn't a surprise that the team suffered afterwards. Perk will always be a Celtic and he's welcome to return at any time.

Credit Kwapt for the find.

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