Danny Ainge hints that C's are looking to add big man

From Gary Washburn's twitter.

Obviously one of the key statement's here is that the C's are in no rush to fill the spot left by Darko, but it does signal which direction they are leaning in terms of personnel.

Now the question becomes, who? Reports from a while back were that the veterans on the team were pushing for Kenyon Martin, who obviously fits the bill as a PF/C type.

At the moment Doc is frustrated with the team's "softness" as well their awful rebounding. Martin would definitely help with the first part, he's known as one of the tougher dudes in the league. As for the 2nd, well that's more debatable. He averaged just 6.9 rebounds per 36 minutes last season with the Clips, and his career average of 8 boards per 36 is rather pedestrian for a big.

If not Martin, the C's could always wait until buyout season begins. They could also take a look at the D-League where last year's first round pick Jujuan Johnson is averaging 11 points, 10 boards and 3 blocks a game for the Ft. Wayne Red Ants. But that is more of a development move than a move that would help the team this season, and likely would be an unpopular choice in the locker room.

As for what I think they should do? Sign K-Mart. Yes it's possible that a better option becomes available in February, but it's also possible that better option signs with Miami, San Antonio or the Knicks. This is a guy who played 22 minutes a game last season for a team that made it to the WC Semi's, and one who fills multiple needs.

This situation is like being at the bar late night, and having a perfectly good 6 that's willing to come home with you, but holding out hope that a 7-8 strolls over to you at last call. Possible? Sure. Realistic? No.

So what I'm telling you Danny is take home the 6. She may not be the prettiest girl at the bar, but she's most likely the best we can get.

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