Congrats to Rondo on assist record

In Jun's recap last night there was a nice nugget of info at the bottom:
Another story most will not talk about: Rajon Rondo's streak of more than 10 assists a game in 27 straight games ended tonight. He was tied with John Stockton (1990-91) for the longest streak in NBA history. RIP. His minimum of 10 assists per game is still alive though (30 games). It stands alone as the third longest in history.

So while most focus on the double digit assist streak (3rd place is a major feat in and of itself) I feel that Rondo tying Stockton's record for most games with 11 or more assists Friday night is an even bigger deal. 10 is a nice round number, but 11, 12, 13, and 14 are more (another free Math lesson). So on behalf of Celtics Life and it's readers let me say:

Congrats to Rajon Rondo who now shares the NBA record for most consecutive games with more than 10 assists.

The record stood for over 20 years and Stockton still owns a tie with Rondo, but my guess is that Rajon probably sees it as an honor to stand next to John Stockton.