Jeff Green is worthy of being so much more

In the aftermath of a stinging loss to a scrappy Philadelphia 76ers team (that was know for its offensive ineptitude), Boston beat the Bucks.  It may not seem like much of a victory, but the team took the first step toward taking on that 'hyena-like' mindset needed to win close games.

It had become necessary for someone else other than Paul, KG or Rondo to embrace that  pack attitude and run with it.  That player was and will always be Jeff Green. The 36 million dollar man who up until last night had given the C's zero ROI (return on investment).

Uncle Jeff's frustration had finally turned into results on the court.

Jeff has had a rocky-road to recovering his confidence since coming to the NBA; he has always had to tailor his game around other superstars. He is part of the same draft-class as Kevin Durant and was drafted by the same team.  Right away he was relegated to third -chair because of the additions of Russell Westbrook and Houston Rocket's guard, James Harden.

Green comes to the Celtics and he has three future hall-of-famers ahead of him.  The construct of the teams he has played for in his professional career had not called for him to do much.  This was a clear indicator of him being miscast as just another role-player.

Uncle Jeff has a lot of LeBron in him.  I know, you are saying "Huh!?" Let me explain my position.

James' first year as a Miami Heat saw him playing like he didn't want to step on the player formerly known as "Flash's" toes.  As a result he was tentative and it resulted in his no-show in the 2011 NBA Finals. He is not a selfish player so it makes a lot of sense given his vast array of skills to place the ball in his hands.

Green is the same way, in that he needs the ball in his hands to be effective.  He is a willing passer and it maximizes his skills.  It also raises the question, should he be a starter? The answer is no! Boston definitely needs him to be on the floor when the game is on the line, but you cannot limit his contributions to that of just a starting role.

So, let us hope the return of Jeff Green's 'worthy-esque' mojo was not a blip on the radar screen and just the beginning of more things to come.