Check out this Celtics art

The fine folks at RARE INK (Official Art of the NBA) offered to send me a sample of their work. I checked out their site and was very impressed at their style of art. I requested the above Rondo piece and I'm not gonna lie I was more than impressed when it arrived. I'm the kind of person that's honest to a fault. You show me an ugly baby and I'm not going to be like, "Aw what a cute baby." With that in mind if the Rondo art was just decent, I wouldn't tell you it was outstanding. But honestly it's outstanding (Screen capture above doesn't do it justice). It immediately went up on a prime wall in my apartment. They have 5 more Celtics pieces. 3 are pictured below (I kind of want them all now), so go check out their website and comment below if you like which Celtics piece is your favorite.