Video: Danny Green's game winning 3 vs Lakers

Always good to see the Lakers in turmoil. Now that the whole coaching fiasco is over, it's time to get back to rooting against the Lakers the good old fashioned way.

I really hope this whole thing isn't over. I still don't blame Mike Brown for 100% of the Lakers troubles, though as a Celtics fan I was of course hoping they kept him forever.

If anyone deserves a 2011 Philadelphia Eagles type disappointment of a season, it's the fucking Lakers. How many times have they just landed good players for basically nothing?

Paul Gasol
Steve Nash
Dwight Howard

They gave up 0 for any of those guys. Those are just the recent examples too. I'm sure TB can go off in the comments about something they did in 1993.

When the Celtics pulled off their big deal in '07 to bring in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, at least they built up tons of assets. And at least they were trading for aging stars instead of players in their prime like Gasol and Howard.

Things always seem to land in the soiled Lakers laps. Fuck them.