As expected, NBA targeting lesser players with new flopping rule

I honestly had never heard of this guy
When I first  heard about this new flopping rule, I knew this would happen right off the bat. Did you really think Stern was going to fine serial floppers like LeBron and Wade? Of course not. The NBA's claws will go after the Donald Sloans and J.J. Bareas of the league.

Yahoo Sports
The NBA issued flopping warnings to Minnesota's JJ Barea and Cleveland's Donald Sloan on Monday, the first two under a new policy designed to end the act.

Barea threw his upper body backward after contact while defending Sacramento's Jimmer Fredette in the fourth quarter on Friday. Sloan tumbled wildly to the court a few feet from contact after a pick set against him by Chicago's Nazr Mohammed on Friday.

''The extra on the end kind of made it bad,'' Sloan said before the Cavs' game against the Clippers in Los Angeles. ''To be one of the first ones (warned) kind of (stinks).''

The NBA announced a new policy in preseason to stop the act of players dramatically overselling contact in hopes of tricking referees into calling fouls. League officials review plays and inform players if something they did falls under the league's definition of a flop, which is ''any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player.''

So another NBA rule has been created where certain players will get star treatment. The NBA: Where two sets of rules happen.