Afternoon Delight: Free Rondo!

With a team that clearly has yet to capture that elusive chemistry, losing your MVP for a couple of games is huge.  More so since the team is teetering around the .500 mark with an injury-depleted roster facing back-to-backs tonight and tomorrow.

Now as the debates rage on about Rajon and whether or not he did the right thing in that scuffle with Kris Humpsfreaks, I will say that I am glad for two things: (1.) that the NBA suspended him for only two games (I guess we were all fearful of a longer suspension); and (2.) that the consecutive double-digit-assists streak is over.  Rondo has had his pedal to the metal from the offseason (with the informal workouts and flag football games) through this past week's assists-record chase and the two-game break will probably help him regain focus and perspective.  He is the leader of the C's and learning from this experience can only help him grow further.

Not having the assist record hanging over his head probably helps too.  While Rondo seemed aloof about the whole thing all this time, the daily talk (and criticism) about the record-chase must have been maddening at some point.

But now that all the crap is off his back Rondo can step back, re-focus and be finally be free to lead the Celtics again.  (And free of that silly inmate's outfit pictured here too, which makes him look a lot like Wesley Snipes in "White Men Can't Jump"  :-)   )

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