My Ginger Hero is back!

Damn that's a nice head of hair!
It is no secret I have a huge man crush on Brian Scalabrine. The fact that he's one of the only gingers(true gingers) to play in the NBA in recent years and that he was on the Celtics makes him awesome. I was ecstatic to learn that he would be joining the Comcast New England sports network next year and broadcasting games.

I don't care if he scored 2 points a game for us, everyone loved Scal. If you don't like Scal you probably don't like Santa Claus.  The haters are out there will talk about how he is only broadcasting because he had zero offers on the table. Well that is absolutely true basketball wise, but he was offered the Bulls job and probably could have had other coaching jobs in the college ranks. Plus, the greatest life ever is to go from professional sports player to color commentator. Tell me again why he wouldn't do this?

Scal will be an awesome broadcaster. He's knowledgeable, funny, and loves the game. Hell, even if he's not that knowledgeable who the heck cares. It's Scal.  Maybe we can just boot Tanguay out completely and just let Scal, Gorman, and Tommy run the entire Celtics broadcast.  Am I biased? Of course I am. I'm also a little afraid because if he does turn out to be a bust that would be similar to a family member disowning me.

Look, we all love watching the Celtics play, but part of the fun are the people in the booth. Mike Gorman is the best play by play guy in the business besides maybe Marv Albert and Bob Costas. Tommy is incredibly biased, but we love him for it. Scal is going to be a great addition to the team. While I can't wait for KG scowls, Rondo dishes, and Dagger Threes by Jason Terry and the Truth, I also can't wait for Scal to be in the studio.