KG continues his quest for the gold ball and banner 18

To paraphrase  Phil Collins ' I can feel it coming in the air Tuesday night....'  the anticipation of KG's 'grit and balls' quest for banner 18. Boston cannot win the gold-ball without the true compass that is Kevin Garnett.

His tenacity and the way he embodies the green reminds one of the owner off 11 championship rings Bill Russell.  Yet, you can see how he takes care of his body like Robert Parrish and  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He is a rare breed in the NBA; a throwback player with an understanding and desire to have a great work ethic, regardless of his considerable wealth.

Now he has a rookie in Jared Sullinger to pass his knowledge onto who is made of the same clothe and ilk as KG. This is the first time he has not had to worry about another 'big' tuning him out and the Celtics are better for it.

No, we don't know whether he takes the 'blue pill' or the 'red pill' before he descends into his own rabbit-hole of madness on the court.  But we can never deny his passion and dedication to the game because he wears it on his sleeves and brings it between the lines.

Kevin Garnett IS a Celtic.