Jeff Green: Stretch 4?

"I'm just looking to be more aggressive this year" -Jeff Green
          Jeff Green this preseason has looked good. He's been driving aggressively to the basket (getting some James Worthy comparisons), posting up (throwing up some ugly how-did-that-go-in hook shots along the way), and generally looking more and more energetic (topped off by that monster dunk last night against the Knicks). What has made me uncomfortable is the idea that has been floating around about using Jeff Green as a stretch 4 like we did with James Posey back in 2008. Doc mentioned it when we first acquired Green 2 years ago, and has brought it up again this year. Looking at Jeff's career numbers, its hard not to shudder at the thought of this happening. For a stretch 4, the most important aspects about their shooting ability is their 3-point and mid-range shots.
        Jeff Green's 3-point shot has been erratic throughout his career, and its hard not to notice that hes had only 1 year as an above average 3-point shooter (.389% on 3.2 3s per game in 2009). The rest of his career hes been pretty below average (.304% on 2.5 shots per game combined from 08,10,11). Unless he can revert back to hitting 3s at the clip he was in 2009, no team will respect his shot and he won't be good enough to punish them for it. Jeff's mid range game also does not lend confidence to the inquiring eye. A career 35.6% shooter on 2.6 shots, his under average mid-range game is hurt even more due to the fact that his percentages are inflated by his one career season in 2011 (45.5% on 1.95 shots). 
      While Jeff Green's percentages would be passable for a 10-minute per game role player, they are unacceptable for a 25 minutes per game sixth man who might even have a large 4th quarter role. I don't mean to be too negative with this post. Jeff Green has shown the ability to be an above-average shooter. From what I've seen of him, I like his form and his mechanics. The only thing he has to do is actually put the ball in the basketball from those distances. Doing so would greatly benefit him as a player and give him more value on the court. Jeff Green has looked good so far in preseason, shooting 67% on 2 3s per game. Obviously he won't give us 67% on 3s for the season, but the fact that he is stroking it so far bodes well. His mid-range shot, unfortunately,doesn't look nearly as good (1-8 so far). Green needs to have a big role this year, to live up to his huge contract and to fully reintegrate himself back into the NBA landscape. His shooting up till this year has never been his strong suit, and we can only hope that hes improved. If not, Doc, please don't run him out there in the 4th quarter as a stretch 4. It'll lose us more games than you'd think.