Celtic fans the best when it comes to showing loyalty and support

Who can forget last year's Eastern Conference Finals Game 6 memorable show of class and support for the lads in green by the green-teamers. Doc had already pulled the 'Big Three' and the third-string unit was still playing disciplined basketball in spite of the circumstances.

You can see the emotional affect it had on the whole team.  Kevin Garnett cited it as The main reason besides, Doc Rivers, Pierce and Rondo, that he returned to the green. The chants from ghosts of Celtics past and present cheering for their team in the Gah-den haunted his California dreams.

Watching it again made my green-blood boil and  I am more than ready to engage in verbal fisticuffs with all of my Miami Heat friends.

Sunday's open practice did not have as large a crowd. However, according to Paul Pierce in this Celtics.com Molly McGrath interview, it was like an Atlanta Hawks crowd.  Imagine that, an Atlanta-sized crowd showing up for practice, not a game, but practice.

Once again the Celtic faithful have sent our boys off into hostile territory with an added infusion of green from the spirit  of the don of Celtic basketball himself; Red Auerbach, the guardian of Boston Celtics basketball.

Now let's make like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and click our green-emerald Chuck Taylor's three times and repeat after me: Beat the Heat... beat the Heat... beat the Heat...