Video: Rondo shows off his vertical

Rajon Rondo posted the above video on his facebook page yesterday, simply saying "Back to work." Not sure when the video was taken, but I do see former Celtic E'Twaun Moore in it, so if it was recent that would be a little odd. Nothing against former teammates working out, but judging by the huge Celtics logo, I'm assuming they were working out in Boston.

Rondo doesn't seem to enjoy dunking very much. Every year he dunks less and less, but he has a great vertical leap. He used to perform in dunk contests back in the day. Would be nice to see him show off that vertical a bit more, as it does pump up the team and crowd (Remember his dunk on Bosh two seasons ago?) My guess is that most of the comments below (and on twitter and facebook) will be more on what he's wearing (or not wearing) then his vertical. Just a guess.

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