Kobe Bryant makes a mockery out of Chinese charity exhibition game

Eight days after he helped lead the U.S. to Olympic basketball gold, Kobe Bryant put on a dazzling show in China in dropping 68 points in 15 minutes at a charity exhibition game.

"I wanted to play it cool but what the heck, the place was packed with fans who'd sang an early happy birthday to me and really wanted to watch me go to work," Bryant said in a post on his Facebook page.

Bryant said his opponents and teammates alike featured a mix of Chinese pop singers, actors and TV personalities, all of them possessing limited basketball ability, who provided no kind of defensive opposition at all and served as a backdrop for a show of his shooting talents.

"They are not basketball players by any stretch of the imagination," Bryant wrote. "I was just having fun with all of them and loved hearing the crowd enjoy the show we put on."

At first I was like 68 points in 15 minutes is no joke, no matter what country the game is being played in. But then reading that Kobe ball hogged amongst a "mix of Chinese pop singers, actors and TV personalities" the whole thing is pretty embarrassing. So essentially he ruined the game like a camp counselor trying to dominate a bunch of 10 year olds. You're awesome Kobe. And Jordan would have had 70.