Ray Allen agrees to sign with the Heat

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According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the beat reporter for the Miami Heat, Ray Allen has agreed to sign with the Heat next season. Unfortunately, this is a creditable source. More details as we get them...

Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski's Twitter account has updates on the story, and Woj cites that Rondo and Ray's relationship difficulties played a role in his decision, as well as Ray'snear-trade to Memphis this season:

Ray Allen has informed Boston that he has decided to sign with Miami, league source tells Y! Sports. This, after Heat owner Mickey Arison just tweeted a "Welcome to Miami No. 20."

One source close to Ray Allen said in past few hours, "Ray's thinking about another ring, golf, sun as a way to end his career." Privately, Ray Allen had insisted to people that he didn't believe the city of Boston would be too hard on him for signing with Miami.

Allen believes the capital he's built up playing for UConn and the Celtics would supercede signing with Miami. He's probably misjudged that.

The deterioration of Ray Allen's relationship with Rajon Rondo played a significant factor in his leaving for Miami, several sources tell Y! As Y! had reported, Allen was angry w/ near-trade to Memphis at deadline. Too much acrimony to get past. Off to Miami for less money.

Doc Rivers had tried to mend Rondo-Allen issues after season, but one team source says, "They were too far gone."

Ray Allen considered Pat Riley's presentation the past two days in Miami as "incredible," source says. "They sold him in every way."