Jermaine O'Neal among vet names on Lakers' short list

It looks like the Lakers might be interested in taking another one of the Celtics' former (and fairly unwanted) veteran bigs. Troy Murphy last year, and now this season they might be interested in Jermaine O'Neal as a role player.

Do you think JO will be able to contribute a significant amount to any team next year with his history of injuries?

From ESPN Los Angeles:

Appearing on the Lakers' "short list" of names they are hoping to add to the roster for the veteran's minimum are Antawn Jamison, Elton Brand and Jermaine O'Neal, according to a source familiar with the team's thinking. The Lakers also have the "mini" mid-level exception available to them, beginning at $3 million a season, but prefer to hold off on using that in case a Howard deal goes down.

Hat tip to I am a GM