NBA thinks we will lose, wants us to lose

According to the NBA, the Thunder have to get ready to play the Heat. They take for granted we will lose tonight. I wonder how the refereeing will be in game 7:

If you think it is a coincidence and that I may be getting paranoid, just check the articles that appear on the main site today. You will find gems like this:

Look. The Celtics, at this point, are many things: Noble, for sure. Proud. Fighters. Gamely geezers. Gritty, determined, resourceful. All that.

And they're also something else: In the way.

For the sake of Heat lovers and haters, the Celtics need to step aside Saturday so we can witness a big buildup to an event that just might meet the hype. If the Heat win Saturday, basketball wins.

Here you have it, clearly exposed: We are supposed to lose tonight. Stern wants it and he will do everything in his power to prevent us from winning.

But one thing is also true: We are winning tonight. We are spoiling their party and we are granting the Finals the TRUE fans of the game want. Everyone not associated with Stern and his agents wants the Heat to lose (included Lakers fans) because they represent everything that is wrong about sports.

We want the Celtics in the Finals.

We believe

Let´s go Celtics!