The Final Chapter Has Yet To Be Written

We've seen it before.  LeBron James has the ability to do that to opponents.  He did it in Game 5 vs the Pistons in the ECF in 2007.  He did it in Game 7 of the semis vs Boston in 2008.  Last night he let out another jaw-dropping playoff performance, even being mentioned in the same stratosphere as Wilt Chamberlain.

Frankly I feel LeBron could've had more games like last night to this point in his career.  He really is an amazing basketball player.  He's been criticized and scrutinized since "the decision" where he figured getting some actual teammates (sorry John Legend) could help catapult him into NBA history.  We all know how many titles they pranced around talking about at their welcoming party in Miami.  It was a sickening sight to behold for any fan of any of the other NBA teams.

There is the chance he puts up another brilliant performance in Game 7 and Miami wins.  If he puts up 2 straight games like that, you tip your cap and move on.  But my gut says his Game 7 may not be quite as spectacular and that these Celtics still really have a chance.

Let's face it the Celtics for all intents and purposes beat Miami 4 straight games (I'm going to take Game 2 as a win too).  They were overdue for a loss since it's really hard for one team to beat another similar team 3 straight times, let alone 4.  It has happened, but it's really rare.  That's why this series is the best of 7.

Let's see what happens tomorrow night when Boston's back is up against the wall.  A position they seem to thrive in, especially this year.  Let's see if it's a one possession game late, how LeBron and company perform down the stretch.  Yes his Game 6 performance was one for the ages but how this series will be remembered will be contingent on how the final chapter is written.  Not LeBron's Game 6, or Rondo's Game 2, or Wade's missed 3 to end Game 4 or Pierce's gutsy 3 to end Game 5.  That final chapter is tomorrow night.  Let's go Celtics.