Comments from the other side - Heat Game 4 6/3

 I don't think I've ever seen fans complain so much about the officiating when they are the team that shot more free throws.  Like I said before, they are so used to getting EVERY call, they can't stand it when the officiating is somewhat even.  They missed a ton of calls but they missed them on both sides.   I love how they call Celtics fans crybabies and then cry about everything throughout the game!    They are so quick to turn on their own also seeing all the trashing of Wade and calling James LeChoke and when Battier makes a 3 they love him when he misses he's Crappier.  I want to beat these guys sooooo much.  Enjoy today's comments and be sure to share your favorites .  

I watched the 3rd and 4th QT of GAME 3 today. WOW....I seriously after the first QT turned off the game due to officiating. Last game could be the worst officiated I've seen in a long time and yet, not one major network talked about it...WOW...

Its crazy. They missed one call in game 2 and it was on every TV and every program. Petrius tried to foul LeBron the whole way down the court and no one brings it up. D-Wade didn't get one free throw after he said, he attacked enough to get a call. LeBron who is never in foul trouble, could get out of the way of the whistle. This series has really turned me off

Ye the refs tried to do make up but it's not the reason we lost. We just played with no effort until the 4th quarter which was just disrespectful. Had we played harder and lost, the officiating would be more exposed.

IMO the Heat lose tonight I think both series go 6 or 7. Still like the Spurs and Heat.

Look for more fishy **** from the refs tonight in the Celts favor. You will hear no complaining from the media.

Joe Crawford seems one sided with us.

Pierce goes for 48 points and scores another 24 from a wheelchair.
KG grabs 76 boards and blocks 54 shots while dropping 959595 F bombs to the refs.
Rondo goes for 124-65-45.
Ray Allen, 33-33 from 3.
Pietrus defends without fouling all game, holds Lebron to 4 points
We lose 934 - 67

Most of these referees are just trying to balance their Home/Loss record and their win percentage on certain teams for their own reputation.

I don't see any way we lose tonight. It's just one of those gut feeling

Let's stab Boston in the heart tonight. We ready!

This game scares me after our game 3 performance....we cant go back to Mia tied up at 2 gms a piece

We focused guys. Only way we lose this is if we get severely outcoached.

No more fooling around with the AARP gang. Lets get it done tonight and close them out on Tuesday

Joel is a dumbass

Battier 3-36 on road in the playoffs

Crappier is pissing me off!

They are holding their whistles when it comes to Wade.

This team is in trouble. Celtics have our number in there house. This team shrinks up in the TD Garden.

We're cursed in that f***ing dump!

Woowwwwww hahaha Wade got hacked... Lol these refs are terrible.

Boston is taking care of the ball working for good shots and STILL outhustling us. Lose the cockiness, this team came to play and CAN beat us. CMON GUYS.


Celtics now account for 33% of our points :lol:

Pierce looking like he wants to have a good game

When they face US, they all of the sudden hit 80% of their shots?!?!?!??!

We can't even get calls smh

I'm sick of wade. The dude cant even dribble now

Pierce's 10 points hurt more than anything.

Pierce the wanna-be gangsta
Never seen a gangsta cry as much as him

Getting out rebounded by one of the worst rebounding teams in the league. Un-freaking-belivable!

Rondo owns this team He could probably win 2 out of 7 without the big 3

How is it that against Philly this Celtic team couldn't score more than 85 pts but against Miami the Celtics are shoot over 60%!

We forgot how to play d i’m just hoping the Celts wear themselves out

I've never seen the Celts shoot this well...

I have..........against Miami

Keyon Tooling is killing the Heat?

32 f'ing points to these geezers.

Celtics are shooting 60% so far... Is it our defensive scheme flaw or are they just too good?

Well, for reference, they weren't doing this against other teams.


These old legz outplaying us.

Celtics are going to cool down though. Our best players need to play Rondo-like minutes

BOS is shooting like 60% against the Heat for the season I doubt it

Stupid team is stupid.

Rondo is such an amazing playmaker. We need to stop that "Give Rondo room" BS

Out coached and out classed.


Bye Bye Coach Spo. I hear the bobcats are hiring.

Boston Massacre. Might as well call a game and go home.

Our coach is out of his league vs Doc.

If Rondo could shoot he'd be the best player in the NBA without question.

Wade is getting to the paint but not getting the calls he usually gets

True. Even LeBron isnt getting them.

Trade wade for the whole 76er team

Got to say, not going to be surprised if Lebron plays like **** in the finals. The guy's been so consistent giving effort the entire playoffs, dude needs help. Can't do it all 4 freaking series. That is, of course, if we make it to the finals. Let's not forget how we won Game the skin of our teeth. We've not been playing well at all against Boston.

When did wade become so slow

Wow, a foul on Boston. Where have I seen that before??

Wade isn't getting the superstar calls, and he's not getting the regular star calls, and he's not getting the scrub calls.

Wade couldn't even finish a f***ing meal At this rate

Rondo can play 53 minutes Wade and Bron better not sit from here on out

You don't see the big David Stern joke hear. For two games the Heat won't get calls. That ramps up the national media. That drives higher ratings as people clamor to see the Heat lose. More ratings drive up the revenue for the NBA. And Stern laughs ll the way to the bank after setting the scales right and letting the Heat get their calls again

Battier is a bum

Spo is lucky he's got great talent on his team... Because he consistently gets outcoached

I’d slap that expression right of PP’s face

Celts fans are crybabies

Paul traveled. He established his left as the pivot foot, then lifted it to shoot, JVG is either blind or stupid

Since when does Pierce NOT travel...

It's pretty obvious that Boston gets home cooking They are not this good defensively, unless they get away with what are usually fouls. And it always happens in their building.

I hate the Celtics more than any team
Paul pierce- vlade divac, he acts like he is shot when someone touches him
KG- dirty player
Rondo- cry baby little bitch
Ray Allen- just runs around in circles and plays no D

Bring back Antoine walker.

EPIC Flop, Mr. Pierce.

If I have to hear the phrase "weather the storm" ever Again I'm going to lose it. Spo is like a damn doll with a pull string. Only has 10 phrases.

Rondo is surgical.

Rondo is better than our entire team

Defense is non-existent. Doc figured Spo out. Imagine what Pop would do.

How are the Celtics getting down the floor quicker than us?

Honest question. Why should this team feel confident they can win another game against Boston? They obviously have no clue what to do with Rondo or Boston's defense

61 points conceded to the flabby and sick Celtics in one half

Rondo is talking about us crying to the refs? If there's one franchise that should keep their mouths shut about it, it's the Boston Celtics. Love the cockiness from Rondo, it's gonna make it that much sweeter when we beat them tonight.

Rondo is right though.

Last year we physically beat up this Boston team. We didn't care what they thought about us too. What's changed is the villian role.

Wade looks like he's high as **** out there, he's slow to react, looks out of it and is just doing stupid ****.

I'm seeing Ray Allen run all over the court on wade and get open shots, its sad

These are grown men. They shouldn't need some sort of motivational speech from a movie. Lmfao. I don't know what you guys want from Spo. The fact is without Bosh and Wade playing like **** Boston has more talent. That's it.


We're making Ray Allen look 10 years younger out there.

Lol SMH guess Rays ankle really hurt him. Celtics love the drama though.

Since when did Rondo have a post game?

We effin' suck Let's pack it up and go home

Refs have been terrible tonight.

It's amazing how hours of officiating favoring Miami/Game 2 coverage on ESPN can change how a series is officiated so drastically.

Everytime we cut the lead down the calls get suspect. There's no point even tryna come back.

Garnett is so tough. What a tough guy.

Now the refs are gonna give us calls to make a run at it, then give it to Boston in the 4th

Typical Celts 61 1st half points, four 2nd half points, these guys are FRAUDS

This is who the Celts really are

4 fouls on rondo Tide may be turning

4 fouls on pierce

Garnett looks more human without rondo in there . I mean OLD Garnett Young Garnett didn't need no damn rondo

Let's see if we can be the first team in history to beat the refs

Boston referees only up by 5

Joey Crawford about to enter than game and take over for Boston

Boston has gone cold! Hope they stay cold!

What the? We're getting calls?

Pietrus is the one of the more likeable players? I don't like him

Wow. They're calling fouls on he Celts.

Tie game, hehehehehehehehehehe I hope Celtics enjoyed there 18 point lead.

Is LeChoke really gonna show up in the 4th with his ISO jumpers?

The Heat are doing a good job of containing Joey Crawford and the rest of the officials

Please do not give Ray Allen even an inch of space

Garnett pushes on every play Hes so damn cheap

CHARGE! Mr. Wheelchair has 5

The refs are a joke.

Double foul? Fix is in.

The refs are not going to let us win this game no matter what.

We get it refs. Rondo was fouled in game 2. No need to let the crap happen all game to the Heat.

Hate to say it. But if the Heat lose its on LeBron. 4-8 from the line is unacceptable from the 3 time MVP.

Glad this call was made on Garnett. Dirty play holding LeBron away from the ball expecting refs not to see it! Good that LBJ fought for it and got rewarded!

KG got exposed like the cheap bitch he is.

Here we go again, pierce fouled out - can we capitalize

LeISO wears thin. Bye Flop Pierce.

STFU Pierce. You can't just truck people. Welcome to James' world.

How TF can you be so scared of rondo

Lebron just doesn't have that killer Mindset.

F*** you lebron, thanks.

No way around it. Why even risk getting an offensive foul? I question LeBron's BBIQ in tough situations. *sigh*

It's not his fault the refs think he's being to rough

Lebron fouling out maybe a good thing, now it forces the others to shoot/attack

Pietrus has shut Wade down.

I predict wade or battier for the stupid 3

Look, for Boston, this should be simple. Just foul us twice and we're going to miss a FT.

If Shane gets the last shot I'm going to be furious...unless he makes it

I want the ball in wade's hands, so it has to be a 2

Has to be a 2, he? =)
I assumed he would know that he f***ing sucks at shooting 3s\
I'm honestly so sick of Wade right now. He doesn't play at all in te 1st half. Why take a 3?

Damn smh in and out...Sucks..

Yep, we never make those shots. Series over.

Wade still cant hit a jumper. Wow. And Wade has to smile. I miss the old wade.

Wade was being guarded by a scrub! Why draw up a play where you take away Wade's strength, his ability to slash to the rim? But instead put him in a position to do what he is worst at, shooting 3s! SMH!

I wish Wade got fouled out instead of Lebron

Its now a best of 3 and I am not confident that this team can beat the Celtics twice!

I'm not confident at all

We consistantly give them a 15+ point lead because we don't even try in the first half, its bullshit And then we cant make our damn FTs. We should honestly be down 3-1 right now, we got luck in game 2

IMO, the C's can beat us at the AAA, I'm not so sure we can beat them in the garden

At least we'll get the home calls at AAA

The Celtics have figured out Spo's McDonalds offense and pre school defense! Spo hasnt shown that he has the mental comptency to adjust to what Doc is doing! And if the game is close, can you honestly say you are confident that Spo will draw up something sensible?

Bosh will be back That means Doc is gonna have to construct a new gameplan in short time. You really think you can double wade with bosh on the court? He’s gonna bury that jumper every time

Really? Have you seen Bosh play? Some games his jumper is on some games its off! He has been layed up for almost 4 weeks! You think that jumper will be popping in game 5?

Lebron rarely fouls out. Maybe the memory of watching this one slip away from the sidelines will motivate him to crush the C’s.

When was the last time failure has successfully motivated LeBron to do anything?

We have no clutch players on this team period. We can't close out games.

The Heat gets absolutely **** by the referees AGAIN.

Damn. I really don't know what to say. Celtics gonna have ultimate confidence now, and we'll have to win in Boston Game 6 if we don't want to go to a game 7. Can't believe Wade didn't draw the foul on that, he jumped big time.

Do you honestly think they would have given it to him? He could have knocked wade over the head with a bat and refs would have ignored it on the last possession.

Wade needs to get that knee drained so he might be able to play a full game

We lost. Refs; Boston vs Miami today. They want a 2-2 series. Thanks Stern. Sigh