Celtics interested in Andrew Nicholson?

Well the guy I wanted the Celtics to draft isn't going to be available. Austin Rivers keeps on climbing the draft charts and will go top ten. Even if the Celtics trade both first rounders they won't be able to get anywhere near the top ten as Danny confirmed yesterday on WEEI. At best the Celtics can expect to move up 5 spots, and that would still be a big if. Austin Rivers will be a star in the NBA and his detractors will eventually come around. He has the athleticism, first step, and drive. KG has said, "He's going to be one of the best to go down to playing our game." The criticism he gets is bogus. As Doc mentioned how is being confident a bad thing? And it's not like he's some kid from a broken home. 

I thought Austin had a good chance to be a Celtic until the C's went on that great run to close the season (and their own draft pick kept falling back, eventually into the 20's). The Celtics will now have to settle for less of a sure thing (Unless the red flags drop Jarred Sullinger all the way into the Celtics laps). One guy who the Celtics are reportedly eyeing is St. Bonaventure senior big man Andrew Nicholson. 

Nicholson is  a pretty well rounded player with his only deficiencies being consistency and rebounding (Will fit in perfectly with this group then). If you got a chance to watch Nicholson in college, please feel free to leave your scouting reports in the comments section. It's still too far away from draft day to have an idea who the Celtics will draft (We do have a contest running on who the C's will pick). I don't recall anyone predicting we'd take JaJuan Johnson last year. My strategy is always to go for the guy predicted to go higher who falls to you. Last year that guy was Marshon Brooks and I was thrilled when Danny made the no brainer move and picked him. Of course minutes later we found out Ainge had traded the pick. 

Hopefully this year another good prospect slips to us and Danny picks him (and keeps him this time).