Danny Ainge speaking on WEEI today dropped the following quote:
"Had we had our 24 & 21 yr old healthy, we could have been playing in the Finals right now. The reality is that this team is not old"
He speaks the truth there. We just needed a tiny bit more to get past the Heat (or for Game 2 to have been called fairly). Bradley would have been enough. Green would have been enough. Both would have been great. And judging by the Thunder's struggles versus Miami so far in the Finals, we might have been on the cusp of #18 this week.

Listen Here to Danny on today's Big Show on WEEI.

A couple interesting things from this quote are that one could surmise that Danny is pretty confident that he will be able to retain Jeff Green (who is actually 25, soon to be 26 this Summer). Hopefully he won't have to overpay Green now that he's an unrestricted free agent. Also, this is a change from Danny's previous stance that the team needed to get younger (Thus why he tried trading the Big 3 at the deadline). I guess that's what happens when all the prime free agents re-sign with their teams and the free agent class's best players are predominantly your own.

Best course of action going into next season is to resign KG and try to add some pieces around the core of Rondo, Pierce, KG, Bradley (and possibly Green).  Regarding KG's return Ainge had this to say:
"I think that his decision is going to really be do I want to play or do I not want to play."
I guess you can add Ainge into the camp of Garnett is either coming back to the Celtics or retiring. We won't know for sure until KG speaks. And knowing KG he won't speak, so we'll just have to wait.

JR 6/20/2012 05:25:00 PM Edit
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