Boston's #1 sports blog is at it again with another free giveaway!  Very simple game: just pick the three guys the Celtics will select in the draft for your chance to win!

Many dedicated Celtics fans will remember back in the 1980s and 1990s, pre-internet, of a Celtics' publication called Celtics Pride.  It was published once a month during the offseason and twice a month during the season.  I remember eagerly awaiting its arrival to get some rumors on who was in the Celtics' training camp or who they were considering drafting.

In honor of this year's draft, scheduled for next Thursday, June 28th at 7 pm EST, we're giving away free issues of 6 former Celtic draft picks, who appeared upon 5 covers.  The covers are pictured above and include:
  • Larry Bird (6th pick in 1978)
  • Kevin McHale (3rd pick in 1980)
  • Danny Ainge (31st pick in 1981)
  • Brian Shaw (24th pick in 1988)
  • Dee Brown & Rick Fox (19th pick in 1990 & 24th pick in 1991)

How do you win one of these vintage pieces of Celtics' memorabilia?  Very easy.  Just pick who you think the Celtics will draft with each of this year's draft picks.  The Celtics own the 21st, 22nd and 51st pick.  Whoever answers right first, gets the prize and choice to pick which issue they'd like.  Here's how it works:

For example let's say Joe replies first:

1. Austin Rivers
2. Jared Sullinger
3. One World Trade

and let's say Pete replies second:

1. Jared Sullinger
2. Fab Melo
3. Moe Harkless

And the Celtics pick Jared Sullinger first and Austin Rivers second.  Well then Joe wins two issues since Joe answered right first, with two of his picks.  If the Celtics pick Fab Melo first and Jared Sullinger second, well then Pete wins first since he had Melo first and Joe wins for Sullinger since he had him first.

So forget the picks or order of the picks.  Just guess the 3 guys the Celtics will pick.  Whoever correctly guesses the first 3 will have their choice at which issue they would like, free.  If anyone guesses all 3 correctly, regardless of where their pick came in, I will also mail them one as well.

If the Celtics trade the pick after they make the selection, that pick stands, for the purposes of this contest.  So Jeff Green was technically picked by the Celtics in 2007 and Kendrick Perkins was technically picked by the Grizzlies in 2003 (even though it was for the Celtics).  So had you picked Green you would win but Perkins you wouldn't have.

Make sense?

A couple other caveats:

  • If the Celtics package multiple picks for one pick, then it'll just be whoever accurately guesses that one pick first.
  • If the Celtics package their picks for existing players and wind up drafting no one, well I'm sorry, no one wins and then just go read What the Hell Happened To.

All picks must be entered by 7 pm EST on 6/28.  Please leave the names of your pick and an email address in the comments below.  The first 3 people who successfully guess the players the Celtics pick, I will communicate you through email to find out which issue you would like and get your mailing address to send them out to.  Only eligible for United States' mailing addresses.

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