Meanwhile out West the Spurs have yet to lose a playoff game

The San Antonio Spurs completed their sweep of the L.A. Clippers late last night. This comes after their sweep of the Jazz. While everyone seems to be talking about the Thunder, Lakers, Heat, and Celtics as championship contenders, not sure why the Spurs aren't getting the credit they deserve. Looking at them objectively, the Spurs are similar to the Celtics in terms of an older team, well coached, fundamentally sound and going for it one last time. The differences are the Spurs are healthy and unlike the Celtics they bring it every game. Just being honest here. It's hard not to be a little envious of the effort the Spurs put forth every night. Then again the rationale is solid. Play your hardest, win in less games, and then you have more days to rest. Additionally the Spurs actually added a couple rotation players at the trade deadline in Boris Diaw and Stephen Jackson, while Danny Ainge was too busy exploring trading his stars.

I had a feeling the Heat would win Game 4. I actually thought there would be an even bigger free throw discrepancy with the Pacers, but the Pacers were only called for 4 additional fouls (I guess that was enough in a close game). The Heat will win that series and I expect the Celtics to get past the 76ers when it's all said and done. Unless Avery Bradley's shoulder, Pierce's knee, and Ray Allen's ankles magically all heal getting past the Heat will be a tough challenge. But if we do happen to make it to the Finals, don't be surprised if the team waiting for us will be the Spurs.