It´s Sasha time

“I told him in our exit meetings that his talent is in him, it’s all between his ears. I think he can be a really good player. He’s still relatively young and so we’re going to try to get him out of him.”
Doc Rivers

Facing a potential elimination against the Sixers may not be the most indicated moment to experiment with the lineups, but Doc Rivers may be forced to do so, regarding the team´s crowded injury list. Without Avery Bradley, with Pietrus running on one knee and Ray Allen virtually playing with chained ankles it is time to give some minutes to someone else in the wings. You have only three choices: Marquis Daniels, Sasha Pavlovic and E'Twaun Moore. While Daniels is Doc´s current first choice for garbage minutes, I believe Sasha should get a bigger role in the rest of the playoffs. Daniels plays good D and is a good player without the ball, but he lacks consistency in the offensive side. As for Moore, he can score and create shots but his defense is not at the same level. Regardless, he is a rookie and a guard and I find it tough to believe that Doc would call his number in the next games.

The most sensible choice is to call #11. I know, you thought about Glen Davis. I am referring to Sasha Pavlovic. The 6-foot-7 swingman has the most complete package of the three players: he can hit the outside shot and stretch the floor, he can drive to the hoop and most importantly, he is a very good defensive player. In a limited role, he is a very decent NBA player. With Ray struggling mightly on both ends we need Pavlovic to give some help to an equally struggling Pietrus.

Pavlovic is a big forward, strong and with 9 years of NBA experience. More importantly, if we manage to advance to the Eastern Finals we will need him to guard his ex teammate LeBron James. It´s been written elsewhere that Ainge´s motivation to resign Pavlovic this summer was to have backup help to guard big forwards as Anthony and more precisely James.

Doc needs to give some minutes to Sasha in order for him to get in some kind of basketball rhythm for the rest of the playoffs.

And if we just have one game left in the season, then it is time to play all your cards to try and prevail.

It´s Sasha time.