Hey Rajon,

After underwhelmingly defeating the 76ers in possibly the only playoff series in NBA history that went the distance despite the disproportionate talent level of the two teams, Celtics fans have gotten what they've wanted: a rematch with the Miami Heat.  And while Miami is missing it's 3rd best player in Chris Bosh, it doesn't equate to the injury problems the Celtics are dealing with.  No need for me to expound on any of that, for a great review you can read this.

This series against Miami has the two best players on one team.  It's really tough to win a series like that.  It's why I yearned for the Celtics to acquire Chris Paul before the rumor was out there.  Rajon Rondo is a heckuva of player.  Those two deep shots he hit to essentially clinch the Sixers series is a testament to how hard he works on improving his perimeter shooting, which is still the Achilles' heel of his very well-rounded game.

If the Celtics really have any legit shot at beating Miami 4 out of 7 times, Rondo will have to bring it for the entire series.  Not certain games.  Every game, all the time.  He'll have to do his best Magic Johnson impersonation from 1987.  Or Isiah Thomas from 1989.

Many didn't think the C's would get this far, and I'll be the first to admit I'm impressed they made it to the ECF.  But as a real Celtic fan knows, getting to the conference finals doesn't mean anything.  Winning a title is all that really counts.  Can the Celtics win this series?  I'm not sure because of all the injuries that have accumulated.  But the only real chance they have is if Rajon Rondo outplays 1 of the 2,Wade or LeBron, for the series.  Here's hoping he can pull it off.