Comments from the other side - Sixers Game 3 5/16

I love when comments start out so sure of a win and talking about how old and done the Celtics are and then turn to frustration as their team gets dominated on fast breaks by the "old" Celtics.  It's amazing that there is more hate for Hawes among their fans than for the Celtics.  I loved the comment where they complained about not even being able to fill their arena with Sixer fans and also the one about the niece learning to talk like a longshoreman from KG.  What's your favorite?  

Wait did the Sixers even play in game 2? I was watching the news and apparently The Celtics were beaten by themselves and referees. No one wants to give this team credit, but after we take game 3, people are gonna start paying attention.

Celtics are out of fuel in my opinion.. We are putting a full stop on the big 3 for good.

We can mask Lou and meek's horrible defense as long as they are not in together by putting them on rondo and having them stand 10 feet back like the rest of our guys Rondo is that bad

Rondo is a jumpshot away from being a top 3 player in the league. He is amazing. All throughout game one I thought Rondo wasn't doing anything. Check the boxscore and kid has like 16 assist and 11 rebounds and he's only 6'1. Do not be foolish, Rondo is a superstar Imo.

Dude rondo is nothing close to a superstar The guy is so bad in the halfcourt its embarrassing... Boston has tried trading him FOR A REASON... If he was a superstar, they would be ready to build around him after this run and start over... But they ARENT... That should tell you something right there!!

They tried to trade him for Chris Paul.

They also tried trading him for a run down pau gasol ....

So they tried trading him for the best pg and a center that put up 17/10/4 this year(wish we had someone that "run down")

I don't like Rondo one bit...but the dude has 8 triple doubles in his playoff career. That's one more than LeBron. Don't see how you can call him horrible. One aspect of his game may be horrible but not his entire game.

If we do win, you know it will just be clouded with Pierce's knee, Bradley's shoulder, etc.

Disappointed at the amount of red shirts I see.

I really don't care how desperate the Celtics are because they are old, injured, and out of gas. You have to love the schedule where in the first 4 games of this series there's only one day off between each game. Pierce is on one leg. Shuttlesworth is one one leg. Avery is on one arm. And KG can't keep this up. Put these dogs down. It needs to be 3-1 by Friday

I hope the Sixers send a strong message to Boston, and smash the Celtics.

The Celtics are old and they are finished.  No gas left in the tank.  First Sixer blow out tonight.  They were terrible at home and will play even worse here.  Put them out of their misery. 

All I want to kno wis why is hawes starting. Pierce got three straight offensive rebounds over hawes.

Spencer Hades ruins everything. F*** he’s so soft.

Hawescrub fail

No reason for ET to get his shot blocked by Avery Bradley, no matter how good a defender he is.

Please guard Rondo. Thank you.

Go at garnett! Get him out of there!

Two quick fouls on Garnett

Kevin Garnett getting the Stern treatment.

Rondo is ****ing kill us on the transition.

Rondo single handedly keeping them in this!

Haha old man Pierce is so pumped he can still d

Stop letting Pierce dunk. He moves way too ****ing slow to allow that.

Rondo hitting threes? WHUT

Celtics lookin tired after this quarter, we made em work. Look at that boy pierce screaming and sweating his ass off and he still aint playing good.

So just cause pierce screams, he gets a foul call every time?

So I guess Pierce just needs to scream now and they send him to the line? Is that the way the game will be played?

Pierce is attacking tonight…not a good sign

Pierce and Rondo can’t play all 48, right?

You can't call a foul every time pierce screams.

I hate Lou so much, I don't care what shot he hits, I just hate him even when he makes it.

Comon white ref, you supposed to be looking out for your white players

Pierce is really pissing me off. Stop screaming every time you dribble you ****ing old pathetic loser.

Doc Rivers is such a ****ing cry baby...It's a good thing...pierce got the foul call...I mean really're players are's not the ref....

2 bos fans in the front

I hate kg

Wow Celtics are getting some weak calls...

We allowed way too many points, we don’t need Pierce howling like a dog ready to be put down…shut him up, shut him down!

Pietrus with those lucky shots.

Hawes. Permanently inept.

Pacers fan here hoping you guys go to the ECF with us to prove that teamwork beats fraudulent stars.

Not gonna lie, it looks the Celtics are finally playing hard this game.

The best thing that could happen to this team is if hawes picks up all 6 fouls before the half.

Brand's doneness is really reaaly showing this series.

Man garnett at this age has had more good games in this one playoff series then hawes has had since he came back from injury.

Man Boston is getting a TON of calls tonight.

If you fart in the general direction of pierce the ref calls a foul.

Glad they cut away from the game. I was dying to know who won Executive of the Year…

I really hate Hawes. I really hate him.

Worst player ever, only player I’ve ever wished injury on

I guess we’re reduced to hoping Garnett tires himself out.

My 6 year old niece could guard KG better then Hawes that’s how bad he’s been

And she’d learn to talk like a longshoreman!

I wouldn’t actually call what Hawes is doing to Garnett as “guarding”. Hawes is just appreciating Garnett and his career.

Lots of Celtic fans in the house

Can't watch KG and that point guard of theirs.

Letting Pierce have two highlight dunks in one 2-3 minute span on a bum knee, ladies and gentlemen... Only your Philadelphia 76ers.

The 3rd quarter is usually the comeback quarter. We'll be back. Boston won't play or shoot like this in the 2nd half.

We can't stop rondo - for once he's being the aggressor and we can't stop him. he's just driving it in and making it or getting fouled 80% of the time.

Haha hawes vs rondo jump ball, rondo obv the favorite here


Anyone else want to strangle Marquis Daniels? I really am getting sick of his pulling the air down thing

I fully expect the Celtics to go cold soon and the Sixers to make a furious comeback.

Philadelphia Bobcats right now.

Brand grabs a lot of jersey.

Please kill Hawes somebody

Guys... I wanna stab eyes out. It’s such a pathetic excuse of effort out there.


That Awkward Moment When... Paul Pierce grabs a defensive rebound amongst his own teammates and roars with enthusiasm.

Well the good news is… Getting blown out will give the Celtics starters plenty of rest for the next game/blowout.

Rondo is such a turd

I wish we had Rondo on our team. He doesn’t lose his head

The Celtics “defense” gets away with a lot of slapping and fouls.

This reminds me of Game 1 against Chicago. Our slight fever-dream of hope burst with the cold sweat of mediocre reality.

EVERYTHING about the Celtics and Boston is dumb

Old Boston team will close us out before 4th quarter.. What an embarrassement!

How the hell can Celtics dominate us on fastbreak points?!?!?

I've never seen a coach whine this much with a 25 point lead. Is Doc sweatin' the stat sheet?

KG's epic shooting has destroyed our team's morale.

Rondo>>>>>>>>>>>>>;anyone on the 76rs and that's 100% fact

Garnett and Bill Belichick are both Satan

Celtics are just making fun of the sixers now, this is infuriating

The shooters roll really loves Boston tonight.

Just finish the game strongly and win Game 4, Philly is an excellent road team

We were 16-17 on the road this year

Doc Rivers wins the Whiny Little Bitch award tonight

Doc is going to have to work to find something to complain about in this one.

If they show the Boston bench one more time I'm going to throw up.

If I have to see those jokes Keyon Dooling and Marquis Daniels celebrate one more time I'm gonna off myself

Id rather watch every sex in the city episode along with the movies than watch Spencer hawes play basketball

You’ve gone too far. That second movie turns men to stone.

Spencer hawes’ play is proven to cause life time diarrhea

Anyone think we should go after kris humphries this offseason

No more white guys

Can someone please make a compilation GIF of all of Hawes’ bad plays tonight?

Why not just watch every minute he played, since it’s like the same thing.

We cant even pack the wells Fargo/Wachovia/spectrum w/e the hell they want to call it with sixers fans, I hear numerous Celtic fans

Anyone catch that roar by Pierce again?

he's a piece of crap

Seriously Paul Nobody gives a ratsass not even your teammates if you’re up by 25+ in the 4th.

Garnett complains even when he gets a foul call

Sigh...they have.... An inside presence. We have Hawes…

Celtics are trying to embrasse the sixers ,Pierce is walking like its his own home Someone should take a hard foul

Garnett is shooting just under 80% and rondo is being allowed to just do a warmup layup line on us...

How many wide open short jumpers has Turner missed? Sad that he's our future.

If I had a penny for every Celtic point, I’ll have a dollar and one cent.

Anybody hoping for an injury?      I know that was mean. The situation is similar with Chicago game. Why Celts had starters in make no sense

I never cheer for injuries.

Guess who’s going to be pumped in Game 4 guys? Your friendly favorite player Paul Pierce!

He deserves a forearm shiver

That will only get him more pumped

I hate the Celtics, scumbags the whole lot of them

I’m pretty sure JaJuan Johnson is a pretty nice person.

I don’t really mind anyone besides Marquis Daniels

The Celtics didn't beat us tonight. We beat ourselves

Oh come on man, don't start with that excuse. The Celtics destroyed us tonight. Not the refs, not ourselves, but the Celtics.

The amount of times that we shot above 40% in our last 11 games is pretty scary. Anyone want to take a guess off the top of the brain at the amount? The answer is twice. Twice, people. That's embarrassing.

Very impressed with rondo -it's just like o tonight I feel like turning it up and burning everyone. Dude is ridiculous

Even if we win this series we are not an A list team so Webber is right

That's a laugh. Win this series really? The 1st 2 games we're clearly flukes. Boston in 5.

I’m soooooo excited for the Celtics-Pacers Eastern Conference finalzzzzzzzzzz

The silver lining in losing this series is (well, I hope at least) I’ll never have to see his sorry ass play for this team again.