Comments from the other side -BONUS - Heat/Pacers 5/17

 I thought that you guys would enjoy seeing the Heat fan base implode along with their team last night.   So many boasts at the beginning.  Wade going to beast.  They are going to blow out the Pacers.  Then by the end they are ready to blow up the team and throw them all into the incinerator.  I guess that's what you get when the majority of your fan base jumped on the bandwagon after "The Decision."   I love how they were all excited that Pitt was starting and then after 3 minutes were screaming to take him out.  You just can't make this stuff up.  Enjoy....

 Heat win by 10+. Lebron, wade and co. Play with a bigger sense of urgency and win.

Get Hibbert fouled out and we are fine... That mother****ER...

So Pitt playing/starting. Let's see what he can bring. Spo made an adjustment really.


We're going to blow out the Pacers.  We're the better team and they know it.  They just got lucky in game 2.  No way it happens again.  NO WAY!  We got this! 

It's hilrarious the fact that lebron came here to Miami to play less minutes and take less load. But now we're seeing him play 3 or 4 different positions, logging in 40+ minutes. This is gonna do well for him by the time we get to the Finals, if we get there.

We are tied at 1-1, we are the better team even without Bosh and both teams know it.

I'm only gonna ask for 2 things... A win and decent contribution from the bench. I hate watching 2 vs 5 the whole game its ugly and unacceptable. Go HEAT!

Wade is going snap out of his funk and is going to go HAM. Book it.

Wade is the one of the best players in the league.  He's going to lead this team to a win tonight.  He won't have another subpar game.  

He'll probably go ham on another little PG and pick up a flagrant

Yes, Wade is now the new KG that picks on small guys only, right?

'm confident Wade will have his best game yet Game 3.

D-Wade and LeBron are gonna go bananas and we're gonna win this game, no doubt about it.

Wade and LBJ are going to show everyone why they are the best duo in the league.  60 points between then and a 20 point win for the Heat.  

I really do not know what is up with Wade, he's changed for the worse, but nobody will confront him. This is where a good coach would settle Wade down.

Game 3 will be about pride. Does this team have it?

Who else think Eddie House would still be useful at this point for us?

Wade is bout to go bananas

The hate has gone to a new level or at least to how it was last year,It'd give me the BIGGEST pleasure if Heat can just whip these guys and Wade and LeBron just dominate.

Boston didn't want to go down 1-2 in the series, after already giving up home court advantage, then proceeded to go out and play harder, smarter, and better.

I wish we had responses like that.

We are going to win.  period.  No way the Celdicks have more pride than we do.  

Tonight could start the end of the Sporon era...

I expect us to come out like Game 3 of the Finals...let's just hope we carry that intensity throughout the rest of the series.

Just glancing over it...Miami Heat have one of the most expensive crappy supporting casts in the league. The Heat are up there with Detroit and Charlotte. I am worried for the future.

Is it just a coincidence that some of these guys like Shane and Mike were very productive for their former teams but when they get here they can't make a thing even though they couldn't be more open on some of them? Most of them seem to lose confidence easily and just resort to passing to Lebron or Wade.

Finally Big Pitt starting! Like he should!

He is? You mean...Spo is...making an adjustment?

I like Pittman starting, we need some physicality.

Finally Pitt gets the start. He's just what we need to shake things up. We need a physical center.

We finally see an adjustment- Pitt is going to beast against Flibbert.  

Bad Start Let them have these first minutes, they'll deflate sooner or later.

Pittman is trash, get him out

Eddy curry time

Omg wade you have been freaking garbage this post season. Maybe you should go work on your shooting.

Bosh loss is too big for us to overcome

Hibbert is a stiff, losing the jump ball.

Pittman sucks, please take him out.I beg u

In case you were wondering, Pittman is still terrible.

Do you think the team is having a mental hangover about missing Chris Bosh? I think they feel sorry for themselves a little bit

Wade.... Sucks.....

They hacked the crap out of Lebron on that drive

Why does lebron and wade keep passing to out bench scrubs who suck on offense?

They wonna get other guys going. They can get theirs anytime.

Look at that, it's a 1 point game. I really wish some of you would have a little faith in your team.

They're not blowing us out. Our D is too good for that. My only issue is how much energy will Lebron and Wade have in the 4th so they can close.

The reason we went down is the idiocy to start pittman. There needs to be some sense knocked to the head of spolestra

ZOMG MILLER 3 Too bad Miller won't make the next one

Bench Wade for the rest of the game and send a message to him Spo. I'm dead serious, Mario f***ing Chalmers is outplaying him.

Seems like Heat will have to win with out foul calls it seem though.


Man **** these **** referees. WE'RE GOING TO **** ON BOTH THE PACERS AND THESE **** REFEREES.

Dahntay Jones is getting foul calls that LeBron doesn't.

Spo has already given up on Pitt. No wonder he doesn't play well.

That or his lack of talent

Psycho T is owning the Heat. Don't stand a chance against KG if this is happening.

I hate that white guy

Has there ever been a team where the punk ass announcers openly root against a team? I guess the Heat have to play a few more years until the stupid fans and media find someone else to hate on.

Hubie Brown and his entire family need to die slow.


The Heat have three of the worst rotation players in the playoffs with Battier, Miller and Haslem

Spo should be fined for his dumb rotations

Can it be someone else besides Wade/Bron attacking the rim? Lol. Oh wait, theyre all one dimensional "3pt specialists".

Hard to attack Hibbert when he's pretty slow defensively and late on every 2nd possession

Wade went into the lockerrm before the end of the first half. Think he might be sick. Checking on it

Sick? Sick with what? MAN UP!!!!!!!! Unless you don't have anything broken or aren't hurt, play your damn game.

I don't care. If Wade has anything else than a torn ACL he has no excuse.

If I had the skills Wade has I'd be sick to my stomach if I was sucking so bad too!

Wade's been the MVP for the Pacers.

Wade is a f***ing piece of s***

The over hedging and doubling is once again killing us. Such a stupid defensive system, ugh.


LeBron has been just as terrible.

Spo is a f***ing Flippino who shouldn't be coaching this team.

Wade may have cost us our season

Fire Spo, trade Wade. That about cover it??

Does Bosh mean this much to the team? It's like we don't wonna win without him.

While spo sucks, wade even sucks more

Trade Bosh and Wade for Dwight Howard..see if we can use amnesty to get D. Will.

Yeah, better make a play for Howard D-will wouldn't be that bad either. He could come off the bench because I think Nash will be starting

Ppl actually think ORL would take a declining 2guard who cant shoot for Dwight Howard?


I can't stand that Pacers bench. Miami getting laughed at by those bums and taking it!

Wow, Granger gets upset real quickly. Dude needs to get some help after he's released from prison.

Man do I wanna f#$% up Granger

Worse officiating I've seEn in awhile

Lebron could of stayed in Cleveland

Refs are in the tank

I hate battier so much now.

There's no doubt D Wades arrogance has reached surreal levels, what a punk.

Did Wade find out Delnote West was banging his mother too?

I've been on the Heat bandwagon since 03, I think it's time to hop on the Spurs bandwagon.

Indy's crowd cheering for every damn foul. Just STFU for the love of god. ****.

This is all on Spoelstra. Riley has to step in, and throw 10$ mil at Phil Jackson.

These same **** who hate the heat won't even watch basketball once they are eliminated. That's what is funny. Do you think people will tune in to see the Celtics vs OKC. Those ratings will be in the 5s.

Vogel "They have a great 3-point shooting support system" Holy crap, we're getting bullied by their players and trolled by their coach.

F*** Wade. You lazy piece of sh#t.

This is what OKC did to LAL

Wade is point shaving and the refs are swallowing their whistle.

You can't tell me that Wade is not doing this on purpose. You can't not doing this on purpose.

Is Wade trying to get Spo fired?

If Bosh was playing he would be saving our asses right now.... I never missed him so much

Rio's huge game is being overshadowed by the rest of the team suckness

Wade gonna break out next game, but Chalmers gonna go back to sucking and we lose game four.

So the refs swallow the whistle because the pacers have a big lead.....boy the NBA is fishy!!!

We don't have the team to compete. Our supporting cast this year is not as good as it was last year. Can't believe I just typed that.

WE **** SUCK!!! NO HEART. Pacers in 6. Barkley was right.

Can you imagine a Celtics-Pacers ECF? Yuck!

Stern wouldn't allow it

Well he needs to hurry up and tell the refs

Guys, we can still win this game.

I'm hoping we can make a comeback before the the 5th quarter.

They're giving Bron the shot Bron can't shoot

Lock the whole team in a room with the Drill Sergeant from FULL METAL JACKET.


So disgusted with this team it's not even funny. We can't even just play the game. We are the weakest team mentally in the entire league. We can't handle any kind of adversity. It's embarrassing. And now all Friday I have to hear this Spo-Wade nonesense, and about Lebron choking in the second half.

I appreciate Bosh now.

Riley wasted what should have been back-to-back title years by keep Dopestra on as the coach

I don't think I'll ever again rant about how bosh is soft and he cant rebound.

Need Bosh so badly, don't anybody EVER EVER EVER disrespect that man again. He is a beast.

there's the NBA MVP ... Not attacking the basket, not trying to leave a mark in this game at all. Another disappearing act when it matters most. Now down 2-1 because the MVP of the league was scared in crunch time of game 2 playing hot potato with the ball not wanting no part of a clutch moment.

Shane battier can never play again for all I care.

This was a blowout. By Indiana. By Indiana. This team is supposed to be a contender. Drop 1 at home and react like this? Look at the Celtics. Dropped 1 at home and came back really strong. What's this? Blowout?! Really?!

If we somehow win this series the Celtics would kill us.

I hate this entire team not named Chalmers. They can all go and f*** themselves with Wade receiving a special s*** bag as a gift. Just f*** you all you gutless b*****s, you don't deserve to represent the franchise I've rooted for for such a long time.

This team has much more pressing issues than "LeBron choking". Our three point specialists are not doing ****, we are not spacing the floor properly, cannot keep Shaquelle Hibbert O'Neil Russel Olajuwan out of the paint or the boards.

Just wanna ask, how come we couldn't get Diaw or Jackson? How did the spurs manage to get BOTH of them!

LeBron James 3 time NBA MVP...He delivers the goods in the playoffs man

Id still have lebron over fatmelo brickthony.

Bosh is our best player.

The only explanation I have for wade performance is he wants spolestra out..he wants to get him fired..

This team has been pathetic it's so embarrassing we are the laughing stock of the NBA once again enough is enough.

Brickier... Does that make sense for Shane? This dude was suppose to be our James Posey in the playoffs and he isn't like that at all. EVEN WORSE. NOT EVEN ONE SHOT!!!

It's Pat Riley time. You need a coach with a huge ego to go in there and tell Wade where he stands on the team, and tell Lebron what he needs to do. Wade's tantrum completely took Lebron out of the game. And most of our team. You can't have that.

Man I hate Boston, but imagine them blowing out the 76ers, Doug Collins getting fired then we pick him up.

Damn dude. The Spurs are the New England Patriots of Basketball. Without the cheating.

I still got the Heat in 4. These losses don't count.

John Lucas tweeted this:

Hey, cut him some slack, it must be boring sitting home with nothing to do after your season ends so early.

Nothing to laugh about really. We could be sitting at home watching our season end pretty soon.

Hopefully the next time the Bulls use hand pistols (after making a jump shot or lay up as they usually do), they use real guns and accidentally shoot themselves

Lol imagine doing this all over again next year, bulls, pacers, knicks, bucks, Celtics... Yea, awesome

Yeah I'm getting exhausted. The national media have made this team absolutely miserable to follow. No other team that's not won a title has ever had this kind of year to year scrutiny and hatred.

. I'm just tired of everyone blaming Spo, Bosh, the bench, Haslem, Lebron, the dog that barked when Chalmers took the 3 last game and everyone else but not Wade. Wade gets the pass. He was costing us in offense and defense not only today but this entire season. Of course he had some great games but he's becoming a inconsistent and injury prone player. Then you add his "diva attitude" and is all for me.

James's ego has polluted this team, especially Wade. It's pathetic how Wade is acting.

The older wade gets the more of a diva he has become. I mean, what's the reall reason he played and acted as he did yesterday?

I wont be surprised at all if we hear that wade has some knee surgery after the season, nothing serious, probably a small procedure.