Rondo suspended for game 2 on Tuesday

As first reported by Mike Dowling, Rondo will be suspended for one game for bumping an official in game 1.

Rondo will miss game 2 on Tuesday night. Without Rondo, the rest of the team must step up their game and give max effort or they will be returning to Boston down 0-2. We've all seen games where a team is missing key players and the remaining players come together and pull out the win. The Celtics are capable of it. The reserves almost pulled out a win in the final game between these two. It would be a great time for Keyon Dooling to step up and show some veteran leadership.

The suspension has been confirmed by A. Sherrod Blakely

On the other side of this, the whole problem could have been avoided by competent officiating. Marc Davis apparently has it in for the Celtics. He stood there and watched the ball go out of bounds off Atlanta and made the wrong call. Then he again swallows his whistle on a jump ball and calls a foul on Boston. At that point, it must have been clear to Rondo that even though the Celtics cut the lead to 4, they wouldn't be allowed to win that game. I don't blame him for being frustrated. But he has to learn to keep that frustration inside and just play through it.

I know that some people are skeptical of Tim Donaghy, but I respect the man. He knows the inside out of officiating in he NBA. He made a big mistake but paid for it and now is trying to call attention to the system of officiating that made it possible for him to bet on games. The fact that David Stern won't allow his refs to be even questioned regardless of how bad they are is the breeding ground for corruption. Here is Tim's take on this situation. Davis is corrupt or inept or both and Stern should call him on it.

He officiated the April 11 OT win against the Hawks and it was one of the worst officiated games of the season. In that game, 16 fouls were called on the Celtics during the 4th quarter and Overtime. In that same period, only 4 fouls were called on the Hawks. MrTripleDouble10 has a 6 minute compilation of the bad calls in that game over on Red's Army. You should check it out. David Stern can suspend Rondo for bumping Marc Davis but that doesn't address the larger issue of a corrupt and incompetent referee who will go unpunished for his ineptitude.