E'Twaun Moore unhappy with lack of playing time

E'Twaun Moore was back home in Indiana this weekend, which gave a local newspaper the opportunity to interview the former Hoosier state star, and Moore was very honest talking about his frustrations:
"Of course I want to play. Of course I'm not happy about not playing. Of course I'm a little angry," Moore said. "But I'm still confident in my game, confident I can come in and hit the big shot when needed.

I like the desire in Moore, but slightly surprised he dropped the "angry" adjective in there. He's a late 2nd round pick, and most late 2nd rounders don't even make NBA rosters. Being a star in college doesn't guarantee a roster spot or playing time in the NBA.

Doc Rivers has pointed out on several occasions that this season's condensed NBA schedule with barely any practices has held back rookies on veteran teams.
"They're working every day but I think it's a tough year for those guys or any other young guys," Rivers said before Thursday's Bulls game. "You have no practice. They really don't have an opportunity to improve or for us, for me, to visually see them a lot."

Moore smiled when told that. "Yeah, that's why you gotta play," he said.

The Celtics had room to work one young guard into the rotation. Bradley beat out Moore (as you'd hope, since Bradley was mid 1st round pick a year earlier) and now as shortened playoff rotations are starting to form Bradley has also taken Keyon Dooling's minutes.

Moore will get some playing time during the final weak of the regular season when playoff teams typically rest their main guys. He then should have a whole Summer and training camp next Fall to earn some playing time. Same goes for JaJuan Johnson. Nothing wrong with either of these two rookies being disappointed, but they should also be grateful to the Celtics. If not for the C's, Johnson likely doesn't get the guaranteed 1st round contract. And if not for the C's, Moore might not have been drafted and made an NBA roster. In addition, Moore gets to learn the point guard position from Rajon Rondo and the shooting guard position from Ray Allen. Pretty good guys to learn from. Johnson has KG, which should be a perfect mentor for him.

Tommy Heinsohn was asked the other day if he expects the former Boilermakers to get added playing time this season, and he said no, but that both will be strong NBA players down the road. Now Tommy tends to be positive on everyone who wears the green, but still nice to hear his vote of confidence.

So E'Twaun, be happy you have one of the best jobs in the world. Absorb everything you can from this team of hall of famers and prove yourself next season.

Credit Shin Ski from our Shout Box with the find.