Comments from the other side - Heat 4/1

The Heat has to have the worst fans in the league. They are so puffed up and love their team when they win and then hate every player on the team when they lose. What pathetic fans, but then, what do you expect from a bunch of bandwagon fans. And, if all else fails, blame the refs. I think my favorite comment is the last one-the realization that LeBron was -30. Blame the boo boo elbow. You'd think after 3 years, he'd give up on using that one.

No way these guys beat us. They don't have Ray Allen and their bench is starting because their starters are out. This one's a blow out. Book it.

The Celtics are old and done. We'll run circles around them.

We need to send them a message in case we meet in the playoffs. They don't have a chance against us

Rondo killing us early.

That was pretty stupid how they let Rondo grab all those rebounds.

They are the worst rebounding team, give me a ****ing break

Out-rebounded by Rondo lol.

**** these old *****es up

Send these guys back to the nursing home where they belong. They won't play like this all game and then we'll run away with it.

Wow are we really gonna let that rat rondo do that

I don't get how a guy like Joel Anthony can be making 3 million to play a game he is horrible at.

Avery Bradley sucks. WTF is Mike Breen talking about. He's not the best defensive anything.

Can we just get the playoffs started? Sick of watching this team during the regular season.

Rondo scrub of the night? Haha

LeBron just hasn't looked the same at all since early March. Not sure what has gotten into him.

Finger dislocated and Elbow... Except captain dumb **** (Spo) won't rest him :/

I don't understand why they allow inferior teams to push them around like this.

Give me a **** break now even Rondo is making 3's...

Wade you're a **** joke. The dude has 0 points, has attempted no shots and is just not doing **** out there. Wake up you stupid scrub.

Bosh is so ****ing pathetic

This team has no pride what so ever

Playing 5 on 8 - can't win that way. These refs suck

Bosh is going to be traded this offseason, and I wouldn't be surprised if Wade and Bron request it.

They've hit at least 5 shots that they had no business making. This score is deceptive.

This team makes me want to barf.

Looks like we plan on leaving their smooth-shooting bigs open all game long.

Awful D. Stupid foul. This game just sucks. I hope we at least make it out of the first round this year. Could be a close call with this god awful basketball.

Refereeing really puts a damper on the NBA. Why can't it be close to consistent?

Why are they booing LeBron so much but not Wade? What did LeBron do that's special? Dwyane is the one consistently blamed for ruining Rondo's arm last year.

Getting outplayed by a geriatric team. SMH

We got this!!!!Don't worry!! Oh and I HATE N.Cole!!!!I really do!And not just today!Ugly offensive basketball for a pg!!

Pisses me off they didn't review that three. Dick Bavetta has no business being a ref at his age.

I get Lebron is battling injuries and all, but since the all start break he looks like a guy with no love for the game.

Last years semis probably would have gone at least 6 if rondo was healthy.

Our Anthony/Bosh front court is just too soft. How many layups in a row do they have to give up before they actually block a shot or put Rondo on his ass.

Rondo is killing us out there.

The refs are killing us. We can't get a call even though we have the stars and they are playing with scrubs. Give me a break.

I hope UD throws his mouth-piece at Crawford just for a trip down memory lane.

We have the worst halfcourt offense in the NBA.. BY FAR!

So even freaking Keyon Dooling can easily get into the paint off the dribble and set up Greg Stiemsma? This is so pathetic, so f***ing pathetic.

If Spo has any balls he'll bench some guys today. The effort level is unacceptable, we're 2 steps slower than the Celtics.

Doc Rivers is such a class act.

I wish we could bring Doc here.

Bosh is hard to even watch today. He's just going throu the motions with no impact on the game.

Bosh always let GAY-G btchslap him around!

You are so so pathetic Wade. There's this thing called a pump-fake which you tend to overuse on your jump shot.

Lebron is RARELY LOOKING TO SHOOT, rest him next game

He has 8 shot attempts. You want him to shoot 15 already?

LeBron sucking once again...

BIg 2 and a bunch of TITO's

This team aint serious. They want to be nice and friends with everybody. They don't look hungry for a championship.

Chalmers is WORTHLESS.

Anthony is an idiot! Hopeless idiot. Period.

We **** suck

Bench Bosh and Chalmers now you stubborn mule of a coach!!!

Bosh is an all star, he has to play better than this Celtics are being disrespectful, leaving him wide open

Its frustratimg to me that our best bet in the playoffs will still be bron and wade making all the plays on offense and defense. They will need to put up clseto 30 each ever game. Smh.

Is that seriously all Bosh does? Miss open jumpers?

No he also allows open layups to defend against long 2s

KG is making Bosh his bitch out there.


How many **** times can Rondo find a wide open player under the rim

No Ray Allen(who always torches us), NO F'NG PROBLEM! UNBELIEVABLE!

Boston is doing all of this without Ray Allen. :o

I should of known as soon as I heard Ray Allen was out this team wasn't going to care for this game

I can't believe Boston is missing Allen and Pietrus and this game is over before the 3rd has finished.

This team and this coach and this "big man" are the April Fool's joke.

12 points in the quarter, when you have 3 all stars on the floor together.

Guys, root for Orlando the rest of the season. I wouldn't be scared at all to face Boston in the second round but I will take so much joy watching them get smashed by Chicago.

Bass with 16 and 10 on 3-5 shooting. Talk about efficient. He's always killed the Heat.

13-0 run by Boston with no Allen? You're **** pathetic.

I am glad to see Boston in the 4th spot cause we would be eliminated in the first round.

We suck.

Is it a pre-requisite to lose your shooting skills when you join the Heat?

Come on, it's the **** Celtics without Ray Allen. No reason why we should be losing.

Boston is turning it on at the right time. Ever since the All-Star break they've been playing good basketball.
Pretty much the opposite of us.

Honestly as sad as it is, I almost want Bosh to get injured so I don't have to watch him play anymore.

Championship team my ***

And to think spo got that 3 year extension makes me want to throw my self head first against a brick wall

I'm more worried about facing Boston in the playoffs than Chicago

Well the good news is that LeBron is well on his way to playing 40 minutes.

This is a **** joke, **** the Celtics. We should be on a completely different level.

I'm not even sure if we could be considered an average team right now...


Championships team do not play this bad. The CEltics are missing key guys, we're healthy besides Miller (who is useless), but we're down by 20.

I think team decided to pull April Fools prank on Boston by not showing up in game. Boston fell for it, April's Fools!!

Only 29 pt deficit with over 6 minutes left. Not impossible..

Anybody that thinks this team will ever win a title with Spoelstra is a joke.

Oneal, Pietrus, Wilcox, Green and Allen-less Celtics and we are losing.

Wade is so stupid for taking 3's, might as well just hand the ball to rondo

KG is a free agent this summer. Did not know that. Trade Bosh's ass away and go all out for KG.

The only positive is that the bench played better than Boston's bench.

This team is straight garbage right now.

Can't believe we lost to Boston. We should be wiping our asses with them without Ray Allen. Pathetic.

Can't win a ship with 3 people

Who's the third??

One thing I still don't doubt: Boston is not a team to be taken lightly.

We just got outrebounded by the worse rebounding team int he league by 2.

Don't forget they even got killed by one player...Rondo

Sweet mother of god, LeBron was -30