Comments from the other side - Bulls 4/5

 So much Rondo hate from the Bulls.  But they sure love Ray Allen.  I want him back in Boston even if it's so he doesn't go to the Bulls.  What a snarky bunch of fans. And Joakim Noah is one of my least favorite players.  He tries against the Celtics because he hates KG and then gives half effort other times?  They can keep him.  Oh, he's ugly to boot.   The Celtics showed in the first half that if they want to play they can beat the Bulls but whether it's mental toughness, like Doc said in his post game interview or they just got lazy,  the Celtics gave this one away.  Even though it was a loss, hope you enjoy the comments from these snarky Bulls fans.

Nice, Boston is old. Back-back for them while 3 days rest + 2 losses in a row for us. I'm predicting a blowout

I expect our horns to be dripping in Celtic green blood after the game.

Celts fans have become enamored of Avery Bradley. We should look into getting Ray for next year.

I'm worried about Bradley's defense on our pg's. CJ is still gimpy and Lucas has a tough time getting the offense started at the best of times.

If we are defending Rondo with Mike James and John Lucas III, it's going to be a long night. If Earl Boykins can abuse us, I'm sure Rondo will have no problem doing so.

We're not going to lose against the Celtics. Lucas will destroy, dominate, eat up, wallop and kill Rondo tonight.

**** Rondo I hate him soo much !!!!

I hate Boston. Especially that stool pusher KG.

**** Ronda. Dirty MF

**** Boston, **** Rondo, and **** that wannabe tough guy Goonnett

Ronda is praying rose isnt playing.

Kevin Garnett is old. He is still playing. He is still playing well. Big surprise. Noah still doesn't like the guy much, I'd wager. I don't like him either.

KG is a weirdo

I just really hate Boston and anything to do with it.

Might get pretty ugly with Avery Bradley and Rondo hounding our ball handlers...

At 7:25, Rose walked gingerly into locker room w/ an ice bag taped to his thigh. Is he "for sure" playing Sun? Doesn't look like sure thing.

My god this has become annoying. Go ahead put me in the overreacting corner but, seriously man this injury **** has become a bother. I feel like I am dealing with the Cubs and how they never let on to how injured guys really were.

Welp, time to go punch a hole in the wall.

Oh cool, a setback. I'm gonna go poop in the floor and roll around in it.

Generally the only time I come to this blog is when the Bulls play the Celtics so I can rec every last one of the "F*** Rondos"

JL3 better drop some 3's on Rondo

Better drop some elbows on Rondo's skull

Great now I have to hear about the greatness of Avery Bradley.

Is it me or did KG kick booz?

Didn't watch closely enough But I wouldn't be surprised if he did. He is a dirty player.

The Bulls look old and slow compared to the Celtics Let’s all think about that….

Man rondo Bradley is a bitch of a defensive backcourt

The Wisconsin steamer

CJ sucks.

I hate CJ

2 FT's and the ball?????? F*** Rondo

IT'S **** RONDO. RAJON RONDO. Why are you hacking him like he's Lebron James on the fastbreak?

Rips jumpshot must have fallen out of his pocket on the way to the arena today

I hate particular his face!

Considering how bad we play, it's a miracle that we're only down by 4. That said, we'll still win the game because we can't play any worse.

You must have missed the Portland, Denver and OKG games....we can play worse.

Ok for all the guys that said we lost it or not responding...we are tired!

We've had two days off, Boston is an older team AND played last night. Bad excuse.

How can you possible say we are tired? We have had ton of rest. The Celtics played last night in SA and are very old.

That is 2 blatant offensive fouls Bradley has gotten away with.

Remember when KG was good?

Avery Bradley is picking up tips from Rondo on how to act like a punk

In the Bulls last 14 games, 11 of their opponents were on the 2nd of a back to back. Number of back to backs the Bulls played during that time? 2

How many time will the refs let Bradley shove Lucas with his off arm going to the basket?

I hate ronnie brewer!

Celtics played a hell of a game yesterday, I never seen so much effort in a regular season game, they should be exhausted

Pierce is still 2nd best small forward in East

Refs with a 6-0 run

That's travelling on Ray you idiot refs

Rondo talking trash Jo is just like “Shut up, f*** alien”

So refs didn't see Pierce hook Deng? They've been bad all night.

Noah is still getting the crappy end. When does the Ref revenge stop.

It was the Bulls and not Boston that was off last night right?

I hate Rondo, dude is such a punk

Brandon Bass has the ball against 3 Bulls defenders. Should be bad for him right? Nope, 2 of those Bulls are Korver and Boozer. Bass draws the foul.

Wow we suck

Thibs is being outcoached

The jumpshots stopped falling We are slowly but surely approaching Kobe's shooting %....

We are shooting 35% from the least the second half is goung to be better!

Not when there is a 3rd quarter involved

Another half at the same bad level....noway this will happen

We shot 33% against the Thunder for the entire game and the Celtics are a better defensive team.

Rip vs Ray in an epic battle of the geriatric population

I really want Ray Allen on our team.

Jo getting into kg's head

I swear Rip works for Habitat for Humanity or something Bricks

I want Boston in the playoffs so bad

Good job CJ. You're still horrible and I hate you, but nice job.

How the hell did the refs miss that Pierce travel?

I hate pierce

I really don't get benching Noah when he was on a roll

Time for his rest I guess He wastes a lot of energy pissing garnett off

Rondo doesn't have an ad on NBA Cares because he would scare the children

Rondo with 4309 uncalled fouls

I bet the team passed a joint around at halftime. Got rid of the nerves.

Damn you Celtics, for having such a good defense

Must drive Boston fans nuts seeing Garnett shoot the longest two pointer on the floor all day long.


Pretty sure he doesn't have one

Avery Bradley is making life miserable for our Pgs

God I hate how good Pierce is.

I still want Allen in a Bulls uni.

Garnett's shooting is extremely annoying.

Bradley plays old skool guard defense I like it

Who the F*** is this Brandon Bass asshole?? Bass never misses

Noah owning Garn-not now!!!

Do the Celtics big men ever miss mid-range jumpers?

Brandon Bass shoots it every time he gets the ball.. Doesn't matter if he's open or not. Black hole.

Nothing like a game against the Celtics to get the Bulls' competitive juices flowing again, apparently.

If we could get Celtic Noah all the time, it would be awesome.

I feel like whenever Rivers gives a speech on the bench while playing the Bulls he makes it sound like his teams are losing to an inferior team.

Wow. This is arguably Deng's best performance as a Bull. Ever.

Seriously, Allen is still clutch after all these years ..with just a little bit of space.
And a lot of help from the refs

4 non-travel calls already

They went to the moon with so many travels

Or back to Rondo's home planet

Pierce traveled.

Impossible the Celtics don't travel

Its pathtetic that Paul Pierce was shooting over Watson and he felt the need to flop

Playing against the Bulls practically ensures that you will not get called for travelling

Allen is still a monster

That's a 2 That's what he gets for wearing bigger size shoes.

Holy crap. 2009 Playoffs flashback from Shuttlesworth. Make it stop.

And people wonder why I said I thought we'd lose tonight. Objectively speaking, any fan would trust Rondo/Ray Allen to finish out close games in the 4th over CJ/Lucas.

Cut the crap

It's not crap. Rondo one of the best floor generals in the league, Ray Allen and Pierce some of the most clutch players in the league. It's not insane to think we might lose a close one.

Can't wait till Ray Allen comes here for the MLE next year.

HAHAHAHA TO by shitheaded Alien

Hahahahaah.....F*** Rondo.

Thanks alien

HAHA, you suck Rondo

Rondo throwing the ball at the refs again.
Rondo was aiming for the ref. He should be suspended!

And Deng once again OWNS PIERCE

Thanks for the choke job, rondo Now go to hell!

Noah owned KG

Excellent. Rondo manages to **** up twice in the final moments.

Doc Rivers is a friggin genius with his offensive plays out of timeouts. He really is.

Guys, Charles Barkley says the Bulls are his favorites to win the East Does this mean we’re screwed?
Barkley telling Reinsdorf to pay Thibs. Gotta love Chuck.

Thibs needs to get a massive contract Dude is like a basketball savant.

I am reasonably confident that he could get the Bobcats to the playoffs

See this is a rivalry not Bulls vs Heat.