Let the Chris Kaman sweepstakes begin

So no trades for the Celtics, but there's a game changer still available. Essentially if the Heat are able to sign Chris Kaman (expected to reach a buyout with the Hornets) the Celtics are toast, but if the Celtics are able to sign Kaman, things just got a lot more interesting. Kaman is a former all-star, and as you can see from the stats below (the Hornets last 19 games) the caveman still has a ton left in his tank. Check out those points and rebounds stats. What the Celtics have going in their favor is the fact that if Kaman plays well in Boston, the C's will have the cap space this Summer to give him a long term deal. It's rumored that the Celtics are on Kaman's short list. It's make or break time for Danny Ainge. Let's see what he's got.