Just Us

Larry Bird is not walking through that door. Jeff Green is not walking through that door. Hell, Jermaine O'neal and Chris Wilcox are not either for the rest of this season.

Chris Kaman?

Nope, not him either.

The point? There will be no saviors coming to Boston this season. (excuse the overused door references)

Yes, Danny Ainge made calls and took calls to get help for the Boston Celtics and to bring someone through that door. But to no avail.  Ainge ultimately could not part with any of his grumpy old men reportedly asking for the world in return causing one GM to say "Bleep him".

That's awesome and it is also OK.

Celtics fans were divided on the best course of action but most were in agreement that if we were not significantly winning in a trade of any of the core players, then no deal would be worth making.

Instead the Celtics will have to look within and find the unbuntu that made them champions just a short time ago and everybody has to help.

Everybody must be held accountable and I mean everybody. From Ainge all the way down to the equipment manager.  This is the last call.

Doc recently called for the guards to come in and help the "bigs"  rebound and I hope they will listen. That means YOU Avery Bradley and even YOU Ray Allen. (I know they are not reading but bare with me)

Greg Stiemsma you have to learn that is OK to simply change shots and you don't have to try to block everything. We need you on the floor sir not in foul trouble in your first 3 minutes of action. Don't be afraid to shoot the ball, you have nice range on that jumper but must shoot it with confidence.

To Brandon Bass the jumpers are nice and all but we certainly need more attacks on the basket. Defenders have to respect the jumper so a simple fake and drive to the hoop can be used often.

Pietrus you must get over your allergic reaction to the paint. If the three is not falling step in, drive, or stop shooting, but the constant hoisting just because has to stop.  Love the defensive effort though.

Rondo, your still a Celtic and we couldn't be happier. Keep your foot on the pedal and push when the opportunities are there. Wait for the veterans when necessary the pace of the game is yours to control.

To KG if this is truly your last season thank you for finding a spark and playing out of position. Your level of play has been exemplary. The fact that your not passing up so many open shots has made a huge difference.

Keyon please stop the over dribbling. If you can't break your man down pass the ball, our offense is predicated on ball movement.  It might be time to start hanging your hat on the defensive end.

Sasha, Marquis,  E'Twuan and JaJuan please stay ready as that is part of being a professional.  Doc has said the rotation will get tighter from here on out but that doesn't give anybody an excuse to not be ready to contribute.

To the captain, Paul Pierce, continue to find ways to make an impact on the game. Even when your shot is not falling you are serving as a secondary facilitator behind Rondo. That has been invaluable.  You are the leader and we appreciate the fact that you never act less than that.

There is a possibility the team will sign a player who gets bought out but right now it is unlikely that it will be Kaman. Memhet Okur could become available which could be Nenad Kristic all over again and I am not sure the Celtics have any interest. As noted by JR Chris Johnson is also on the radar.

As of now its just us and we will ride with this team to the wheels fall off and the legs wear out.

It's just us and just us will be just fine.