Doc Rivers decides to limit the Celtics' rotation to 9 players

With all the excitement over Rondo's stellar game and Pierce's clutch 3 point shot, it seems to have gone unnoticed that Doc announced in yesterday's post-game presser that he is limiting the rotation to 9 players. He begins to talk about it in the video above around 2:05.

These 9 include the starting five plus Avery Bradley, Keyon Dooling, Mickael Pietrus, and Chris Wilcox. Doc states that he shortened the bench when Bass got injured, and it has been working. So he's going with 9 from now on, with maybe an exception of a 10th player coming in for a few minutes. 

There is no mention of Jermaine O'Neal  and how he figures into the equation if he decides to come back. Or if the 9 man rotation might change if the Celtics add/change another piece before the March 15th trade deadline. I for one am a little disappointed that he doesn't plan on using the rookies more, but hopefully we might get to see them play in blow-out victories.